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Dear host family, I am really excited to take part to this exchange experience as I am a person who really enjoys life. I always like to be busy and have things to do. I always search for new experiences that can keep my brain occupied. I am a person who loves to organize every kind of event, just an hang out with my friends or a study afternoon. I am really curious so I get interested with new things really fast and I enjoy to know as much as possible. I am also a really positive person: I always try to never be taken down by bad things and try to see them in a positive way and maybe to be helpful to other people who may have a different approach to life. I am a sociable person so it is normal to me to have a lot of friends, but I hang out only with a small group because they are the people I can trust more, and we all like to spend quality time together. My family is not very big, I have only one brother. Me and my parents agree a lot. My mum and dad are always there for me when I need some advice and I have to face some problems. My brother is only 4 years older than me and he always gives me a helping hand with my school homeworks. I like to take inspiration from him and we also like to spend time together playing video games or cooking. In my family there are also two little dogs (two Jack Russells), they are really adorable and I love to spend time with them because they really help me to feel myself better. Their names are Woody and Zoe and they are father and daughter I really enjoy to go to school, because there I have all my friends. Sometimes lessons get boring but I always find a way to make my lessons funnier for example taking colorful and pretty notes. Another thing that I really like about my school is that once or twice a week we go in the labs to do physics, anatomy, biology experiments that interest me a lot. As i said before I am a person who really loves having many things to do and being always busy. I have many interests and one of my hobbies that takes me a lot of time is going to the gym to do gymnastics. My training takes me 10 hours a week. I also love to travel all around the world and discover new cultures. I like to take photos of all the places that I visit. I also like listening to music and taking care of myself. My favorite sports besides gymnastics is football. I think that this sport is great because it unites people together to watch the games and it is really nice to be part of a team and cheer on it. My day starts really early: at 6:30 am when I get up and I get ready for school. At 7 am I catch the bus and from 8 am to 13.30 I stay at school. Once I finish my lessons I take the bus and I go to my house where I cook my lunch if mum has not prepared it for me. After I rest for an hour and then I start studying and doing my homework for a couple of hours. Then I take some time to playing with my dogs and to listening to some music. When it is 5.30 pm I get ready to go to the gym where I stay until 9 pm. Once I arrive home after my training I have my dinner, I take a shower and I sometimes do some face mask and take care of myself. Before going to sleep I like to rest for some time watching a tv series or a film and then, tired, I go to sleep. This is who I am, what I do and what I like, I really hope that my family will be an happy family and I am very excited to meet you. I hope to be able to share wonderful moments and experiences with you. I hope you would help me and I hope to bring some positive and desire to do. I can’t wait to meet you, see you soon. E.

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Lorenzo (20)

Sharing cultures and building communities with high school exchange.

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