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Dear Host Family, I am Lotta from Germany. I’m going to finish my 10th grade this school year and then I want to go to the US as an exchange student. I hope to life with you and experience your life, nature, food and culture. I really love to be creative by drawing, designing and creating. I already made my own wardrobe and I started sewing this year. I enjoy showing my personality though art and style. Thats why I changed my hair color during the appliction process as you will see in the video. I really hope to get new inspirations. I also really like games, such as boardgames, videogames and escape rooms. In school my favorite subjekts are art and WAT (economy, work, technology) because you can work with your hands. I have a few friends but I haven´t got enough time to meet them often in my free time but I am seeing them at my dance lessons or in school. I am really into dancing. I do break dance since 2018. I am dancing because it makes me happy and you can express so much though it. You can learn how to use ur body and make moves that no one else can. One important thing is you can do and practice break dance everywhere. You don´t need anything to exercise it. My Dad is self-employed. He is restoring old cars. My mom is working at a hospital as a medical assistant. I have a sister who is 20 and a half-sister who is 37. My half-sister works for the police and my sister starts going to college. My parents are divorced since 2020. At first my mum moved out and then I went to live with her. My sister still lives at my dad’s place. When my mum got her boyfriend we moved into a house. He has also two kids: a daughter who is 15 and a son who is 21 but they are both living with their mum. I am really close to both of my parents. We don’t practice a lot of traditions but we got some traditions that I want to show you. Thank you for making that year possibile an taking care of me. I am looking forward to my time in the USA. I hope to hear from you soon. I am excited to become a part of your family! Warm Regards, Lotta

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German (native), English (7 years)



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self-employed, restoration of old cars

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medical assistant


Paula (21)

Sharing cultures and building communities with high school exchange.

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