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Dear family, My name is Gabriel, I live in France and I am really happy that you can read this letter. I am sporty, I've been playing handball for five years, I've loved soccer since I was very young and I love also skiing, a sport I practice one week a year. However, I've never tried American sports such as American football, baseball or ice hockey. My other passion is the sneakers (but I don't own any) and one of my favorite model is the iconic Jordan of Michael Jordan. I like also play video games but not a lot and not often. My favorite actor is Dwayne Johnson, indeed, I am fond of his films "Fast & Furious", "Jumanji" and "Red Notice", I like his adventurous, friendly and funny side. For the past two years, my dream has been for an American family to choose me to share beautiful moments together, in the daily life, and live an unforgettable experience. I think it's also an incredible opportunity to enrich and develop my culture with a family who is happy and proud to open the doors of their life during one year. More, one of my dream is to study at an American high school to live "like in a film", to discover your culture, your way of work, your way of thinking. In my daily routine, I go to school from height a.m. to five p.m and I have a handball's training two evenings a week. During the weekend, I have a handball match, I do my homework and I go out with my friends and/or my family. On every holiday, I visit my grandparents, my uncles and my cousins with my family. My studies project is to integrate a famous school in France which is named Sciences Polities. Then, I hope to become notary and in a second time, I would like to buy my own notary office. So, I am really delighted that you could read this letter and I hope and look forward to building a beautiful relationship with you and your family. Sincerely, Gabriel

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French (native), English (4 years), Spanish (3 years)



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Charlotte (11)

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