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Hello, My name is Toussaint and I’m French. I am planning on coming to the USA next year for many reasons. Firstly, of course, I would like to perfect my English. But also because I love America's culture and I’m curious about discovering more about, and to make new friends and to take part in an American family. So let’s introduce myself. To talk about my personality, I think I’m easy-going because I’m very open-minded and often cheerful. I always get up with good vibes. I prefer starting the day in great conditions. I love listening to music : that is super important for me. I listen to drill and rap, but not only. I adore to go to concerts and make amazing memories of these moments. I also play piano since I was 6 years old and I take piano lessons. I love to play songs from singers that I listen to. In France I live with my parents, my two big brothers and my twin. So that’s why I think that it will be easy for me to integrate another family. I’m okay to have brothers and sisters in my host family. What I like in my daily, is to discuss, laugh and have good times with my friends. But I also know to be serious and responsible when it’s time. Every year since I’m 7, I have gone on holidays camps for three weeks in summer and one week in winter. In summer, activities in camps were varied : the main ones were rafting, canyoning, karting, paintball, laser-games and others. And in winter, I’m used to going skiing in the mountains. I also often go with my family, and last winter I tried to snowboard. By all this experiences, I feel able to learn : how to live away from my parents, to integrate myself in new groups of friends, and to discover new activities that I didn’t experience before. Let’s move on to my twin. He is called Baptiste and we really look the same. Indeed, we complement each other, even if we have different characters. We have so much ties and I think at the start of program it may be a little hard to be away from him but it will not be the first time and I know well how to manage that. In my free times, like on holidays, I often go to my vacations house with my family. There’s one in the Alpes and the second in Corsica in a village. There, I pasted my childhood with my brothers, cousins, and childhood friends and I have crazy memories. In my daily, I also give an important place to sport because it helps me to feel well in my body. I do it at home and sometimes outside, but I also have been playing handball since I was 3 years old : I play in a club. I have already dine other sports in the past like judo and dance. Practicing sport helps me clear my mind. Lastly, I like to travel and discover new places in the world. I’ve gone to Spain, UK, Italia, Corsica. Later, I’m planning on travelling all around the world, and go to different countries, meet different people. That’s really something that brings great joy and interest for me. I like to understand what is going on around me and I always question myself. To conclude, I feel really good for this immersive experience in US and I'm ready to fully play the game ... sharing a part of my life with my host family. I'd like to thank you for being able to integrate your family and also, thanks to you, live an incredible experience. Looking forward to see you... Toussaint

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French (native), English (7 years), German (6 years)



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Baptiste (16) Antoine (18) Ange (20)

Sharing cultures and building communities with high school exchange.

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