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Dear Host Family, Thank you so much for participating in the exchange year program and willing to host an exchange student! My name is Lola and I am a female student from Germany. By the time my exchage year is starting, I will have completed middle school. I want to go to the USA because I want to get to know new cultures, new people and also because i want to improve my english. I love to travel around the world and I've dreamed about becoming an exchange student since I was a little child. I am a very open minded person and I have good social compentences. I care a lot about my friends and my family and I love spending time with them. I'm also very creative, in my free time I like to go pottery painting with my friends. I am a cheerleader and I would love to be a part of the cheerleading team in my future high school. Ever since I got into my cheerleading team, I immediately fell in love with the sport and found lots of new friends. I love learning new skills and to extend my knowledge. One thing I'm looking foreward to are the subjects in the US and see how different the school system is in comparisson to Germany. In my hometown, we have very big classes so it's usually quite loud and it might get really exhaustig sometimes. My strengths in school are languages because I like to talk in different languages. I learn English and French and I would love to continiue that in high school. In school I always try to participate and get good grades, because I want to have many different opportunities in work life after school. In my hometown, I live in a house with my mother, who was born in Poland and my father, who was born in Germany. We have a very good relationship, especially me and my mother. I also have two siblings, one sister and one brother, we have a good relationship but they are way older that me so we don't spend so much time with each other. Unfortunately, we don't have any pets but I'm a very animal loving person! I'm very excited to meet you and the american culture and maybe also show you a part of my german culture! With kind regards, Lola :)

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Sharing cultures and building communities with high school exchange.

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