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Two Countries, One Border: India and Pakistan

Two Countries, One Border: India and Pakistan

In honor of International Education Week, we’re sharing stories of communities coming together, volunteering their time to cross borders, both physical and cultural, to learn more about one another.

For nearly seven decades, the strife between India and Pakistan has taken its toll. Coca-Cola offers a moment of levity and fun and Coca-Cola proposes a simple solution to overcoming their borders in this three-minute ad.

As we see two high-tech vending machines being installed in shopping malls – one in Lahore, Pakistan and another in New Delhi, India – a woman off-camera says, “It saddens me we have this neighbor we can’t even go visit.” Equipped with cameras and displays, the interactive devices solve this by creating a portal for them to engage with one another. Crowds of onlookers smile, laugh and cheer as brave individuals join hands, draw peaceful symbols, and even dance with one another.

By creating a simple moment to connect the two nations, Coca-Cola set out to prove that what unites us is stronger than what divides us. This simple concept is the lifeblood of Ayusa, our students, host families, and communities. One small cross-cultural connection can, as one person said in the video, do wonders.