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Student Finds Niche in Track

Riccardo is an Italian exchange student living in Illinois. His host dad told us about the track success Riccardo had.

Riccardo medaled in the State Championships for Track & Field!  Riccardo runs the anchor leg (fastest runner and home stretch position) in the 4 x 200m relay.  It was a great championship race down at EIU, it was neck and neck to the finish.  He also ran his own personal best in the championship meet.  So, where Albert qualified to go to state to pole vault, Riccardo actually helped his team medal. 

He definitely found his niche.  He really enjoyed track very much.  I think he found out that he truly is FAST.  He’s interested in running track when he returns home – so there was a nice success.  I do know that he has really enjoyed his school year here in St Joe.