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Dear American Family, Hi.My name is Deren. My father and mother are divorced. So i live with my mom in my grandmothers house since the earthquake. In earthquake our house got damaged therefore we moved to my grandmothers house . And i live there with my mom , grandmother , grandfather and uncle. We sometimes sit andchat together. We eat our meal together. My responsibilities are hanging the clothes ,making my bed , tidying my room at home . Also i wash my own clothes in dorm . As friends i have so many friends but i have a best friend . She lives in Canada. We have been friends since we were born. But she moved there one years ago .Besides her i have friends from secondary school . Also i have friends from dorm and my current school.We spend most of our time in dorm. We chat, eat, sit, study, go out or watch movies together. And i call or text my long distance friends.My city is kinda small. There is not to many things to do or to many place to go. I mean it is an underdevelopment city. Also most of the city was destroyed due to the earthquake. I want to be a brain surgeon and live in the United states when i grow up. It is my childhood dream. And i am figuring out to make it real. I am not very picky about food. I like trying different meals . Also i may eat pork. I want to gain to many things from my exchange experience. It was one of my biggest dreams to live in the United States. It will contribute me to learn new cultures and lifestyles because the USA is one of the most cosmopolitic countrys in the world. Also this exchange experience will contribute me a lot to improve my English. And i can make so many friends from araund the world . I can give information from the culture of my country to them and they can inform me in the same way. In my opinion living abroud in this age will be so important and helpful for my personal improvement. And i will gain so many experience for the rest of my life in the United States. I really want to be part of this exchange experience. And i am very curious about my future host family.I think we will get along well, I hope you like me. Thank you for reading. Deren

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