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Dear host family Thank you for spending your time to read a little part of my heart. You must have received many letters before, and I hope we can match my small message since you will not be regretting reading my letter. People usually call me Cut. I’m currently living with my mother, father, and two big brothers who always accompany and support me all the time. My family rarely gets together but our communication is very fluent, once a week we get along to discuss anything. It can be political, school, economic, or just small talk and I always love to do that. Every time I discuss with my family, I realize that my parents always invited me to open my knowledge and make it wider. At the end of our talk my parents always finish it by giving us various teachings about life. Another activity that I like to do with my family is cooking. My mother, my brothers, and I are very powerful when we cook together. The dish was very extraordinarily delicious because it was made with love and happiness. In my home I am responsible for taking care of my cats, and yes! I have two cats, they are Miu and Momoy which are the cutest things in this world. But both of them have different characters Miu is an introvert cat and Momoy as extrovert cat. Sometimes they fight and chase each other. Since I entered high school I always wanted to be a person who has good public speaking. I think Public speaking is necessary for maintaining any kind of ability that we have. I realize I have to upgrade my public speaking skills, I joined an organization and debate club which helped me to improve my public skills. I also want to improve my English speaking skills because English, as an international language, has the potential to broaden my horizons even more . Right now, I continue to attempt so I can enhance myself. Before I entered boarding high school I didn’t expect that boarding school will be full of joy. In my school, the comfortable atmosphere in dormitory make me feels like I’m in my home. A school are based in academic make my friends both in the classroom and my roommates in the dormitory are very competitive, and ambitious. We mostly spend time discussing and talking about competition. We are constantly looking on information for competitions as train our capability, we seldom spend our time just for play. Instead, we did various projects such as essays, and research, and participated in many competitions. One of the fun parts of my boarding school happens when competition is held among dormitories. Competition among dormitories improve solidarity, brotherhood, and sisterhood intern dormitory. As a small part of a large country, my town can entice you with its beautiful beaches, high waterfalls, warm springs, and many other hidden treasures. This small town will inspire you to treat your eyes and believe me, it will enchant you. It always happened to me every time I visited the destination in my town, I felt stuck and unable to flee by its charm. I hope there will many people feel that I felt and want to introduce my lovely town more in the future When I was a junior high school student I always impressed with medical personnel because in my opinion health is the foundation of life, everyone can do anything if they are healthy, but if their health is harmed, it will affect everything so with medical I can develop my own foundation so I can help others to build and repair their life foundation. I can imagine that medical staff can help people with their knowledge, ability, and energy. They dedicate themselves to society and help many people with different conditions as a moral activity that must be carried out. Because I want to be a medical student, I plan to get a scholarship and study abroad. If I get the opportunity to follow this KL-YES program I really excited to learn about the different life between Indonesian and American from the local cultures, foods, curriculum of education, and many other things. I promise to myself I should enjoy the cultures such as special days, events or parades in the USA. Because I love cooking and I can cook many Indonesian traditional foods, I wish I can introduce Indonesia food which is incredibly delicious such as nasi goreng, rendang, chicken opor, rolade, and many more. I hope we can share a great moments of cooking Indonesian food together, because every time I cook, I always add a little secret sauce which is love and happiness. Thank you very much for accepting me as a host family. I believe that time will give us the opportunity to meet each other, so that we can share any moments and explore many things together! Cut

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Kemal (25)

Sharing cultures and building communities with high school exchange.

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