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Hello, this is Nihal :) This is my first time applying for an exchange program so forgive my excitement. I have been learning English for seven years. I had the chance to improve my English skills by participating in MUN conferences. I still remember my first MUN experience, memories feel likeyesterday. These types of interactive teamwork enhanced my leadership skills and MUN was the thing that made me realize that I actually can manage beingin charge of so much work at one time. Apart from English, I love engaging with foreign languages. I had studied German for a year but due to the exam period, I had to quit it. I spend most of my spare time reading and writing. I don't fancy following a particular and rigid topic when it comes to literature. Our minds should be the freest that we could ever imagine. There is an ideology that I always follow, here it goes: Paper and pen never judge or evaluate you. Throughout my entire life, I've always admired versatile people and dreamed of becoming someone that people could look up to. Therefore, there is so much that I want to experience in life. I want to see every aspect that living has. Guess I'm kinda mature :) Oh, and I have endless energy no matter what. I used to play volleyball, sort of professionally. I still do, however, I'm not currently enrolled in a sports club. Volleyball has mesmerized me when I was little. Strategy and teamwork, what a nice combination! My household responsibilities made me a disciplined person. I never miss doing any of my chores. Every day, l load and empty the dishwasher lay the table, do the shopping if it is necessary, take care of my cat, and help with the cooking. These activities might sound very simple but l gained my consistency skills from them. My family is quite supportive. We value making memories together. My mom is one of my best friends, she is so understanding that l never feel like l should hide stuff from her. She and her life lessons are very precious to me. And my dad is the official comedian of our house. His sense of humor is unique, and the jokes between us are unforgettable. I slightly mourn when l remember that I won't get to see my sister next year. She is exhausted but keeps up the hard work for college. I'm quite talkative and extroverted. And apparently, I've mentioned my interests without even realizing it :D Music, volleyball, MUN, swimming, cooking, writing, reading, and social media (especially Pinterest) form my personality. Just so you know, Nihal is a night owl. Stargazing is one of my all-time favorite activities. Stargazing with friends is such a dreamy experience. I live in an urban so I get to see many people every day. Although it is called an urban, my city is not hectic. It has beautiful coasts and friendly people. I enjoy socializing and meeting new people a lot. But friendship is something different. I have got many friends and we do crazy stuff once we get together. UNO tournaments, inventing brand new games, movie nights... Unfortunately, high school separated our ways. However, distance is not an obstacle if the bond is genuine. The way we reminisce gives me bittersweet vibes. As a freshman, l haven't decided on what to study or what kind of career should I pursue yet. I have so much going on inside my mind about my future. But I'm pretty sure that I want to study in the U.S. (The most prestigious universities are all located in the U.S. so) My friends emphasize that I'm quite creative and open-minded. Indeed, I can't think of a working space where ideas are monotonous and words are platitudes. Hence it will shape my future, I must choose my major wisely. I require a mentor and a guide for that. And here is my hope and guide to actualize my passion: YES PROGRAM! Yes, l might expand my knowledge about college procedure but nothing would be as efficient as spending an entire year as an exchange student. Apart from academic improvement, I believe that this exchange will foster a great sense of recognition in me from all walks of life. Also, I wanna make some remarkable memories with my host family, and feel the warmth of a whole new home. Lastly, I hope that my letter doesn't seem evasive. The amount of excitement l got while writing it is just unbelievable, I wish you could hear my heartbeat. Sincerely, Nihal

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Zeynep (19)

Sharing cultures and building communities with high school exchange.

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