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Boxing or Kickboxing
Flea Markets/Thrift Shops
Surfing/Body Boarding
Water Skiing or Wakeboarding
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Boxing or Kickboxing
Flea Markets/Thrift Shops
Learning languages or cultures
Pottery or Sculpting
Travel/Road Trips
Water Skiing or Wakeboarding


's Letter

Dear future host family, I'm Zsofia and I'd love to do an exchange year in the US. In my opinion its not only about being in a new environment with new friends, new school and a new family, but its also about maturing and getting a once in a lifetime opportunity. Now I'd like to tell you a little bit about myself: I come from the capital of Hungary and we moved to Germany when I was four years old. My brother is only 11 months older than me so many people would mistake us for twins though we don't look alike. I love being active and going on long walks but from time to time I also enjoy just watching a movie and relaxing. I also like doing yoga, pilates and going to the gym, but I don't like hiking and climbing. However those are practically the only activities I don't enjoy. Apart from that I love cooking and baking. I often cook dinner for my family or when I have some freetime at home, I also love trying new recipes for baking. In the US I'd be happy to cook for my host family and share my recipes with them. At home I wash my own dishes, clean my room and take out the trash but washing my own clothes would also not be a problem. My favorite season is summer because its the time of the year where your life seems like a movie and by that season, the atmosphere is the most beautiful. I love the water and I would love to live by the ocean or even a lake someday.On the other hand I don't really like mountains. In America I'd be equally happy with a small town as with a bigger town. I would consider myself independent, helpful and open. I've never had any trouble making friends and talking to new people. Thanks to my family I can easily organize my own things and even arrange paperworks because they have always encouraged me to do things on my own. I'm looking foward to an amazing year together! Best regards, Zsofia

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Hungarian (native), German (10+ years), English (6 years)



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Sharing cultures and building communities with high school exchange.

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