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Dear Host Family, My name is Júlia, I live with my parentes. My mother is a Geography teacher, most days she only works during mornings so we spend the afternoon together, she is a really kind and caring person, she does everything she can to make me happy. My father is an amazing person, he always encourage my dreams and he never gave me any idea that I couldn't do whatever I wanted to do. I also have a 26-year-old sister, she attends a Medical school in a small city, she visits us on weekends. She is graduating this year and l'm sure she will be an amazing Doctor. Even with our age difference she is my bestfriend. I study in a private school focused on the acceptance of its students in good universities. l’m hoping to get in in a law school. I like watching movies and series especially comedy, listening to music and hanging out with my friends. We go to the mall or to each other's houses, where we talk, usually cook a famous dessert in Brazil called "brigadeiro" or brownies, when is hot we go to the pool and we have a lot fun. In the pandemic I used to read a lot of books but when I came back to a normal routine at school, in person, I stopped reading, but it is something l’m really interested in doing again, and I think that reading books in English would really help me to improve the language. I have a dog called Vicky, she is a Yorkshire so she's very small but I wouldn't mind having a big dog, some day I hope to have a Golden Retriever. On weekends I normally go to my grandmother's house. My grandmother cooks delicious foods for us, she is a really kind person, my grandfather loves to tell stories from when he was younger and he also loves to tell stories from when I was little, my other grandmother loves going out, playing games and going to the beach, my other grandfather also likes going to the beach, they have a house at the beach and they love going there and see their friends. Me and my family love to travel. We really like the United States and I'm really looking forward to learn and know more about the culture. I want to do the exchange program not only to improve my English, but also to know a new culture, make friends and visit nice places. I think it's an amazing opportunity to develop and be more independent. I hope we can have an amazing time together while I'm there. I would like to finish this letter by thanking you for choosing me and receiving me in your home. Best wishes, Júlia

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