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's Letter

Hello dear host family, My name is Lou, I’m 16 years old, I live in Belgium, and I’m really looking forward to meeting you! I think it’s really difficult to describe myself, so I asked help to my friends. According to them, I’m sociable, spontaneous and perfectionist, I like thing to be done well. I’m stubborn and determined, I don’t give up easily and when I want something I do everything I can to have it. When I love something, I’m very involved in it. I’m very energetic and I adapt very easily to every situation. My parents are divorced since I’m 9, but they still talk together, so it’s less difficult for us. They work a lot so I just see them at the dinner and the weekends but I love them. My father loves football and planes. He loves to travel too. My mother loves flowers, gardening and animals. We have 3 cats and one dog at home. I have two little brothers too. The oldest, Nathan, is 14 years old. He loves football and I sometimes play with him even if I’m really suck at football. We also play video games together or watch Formula One. The youngest is my half-brother, Gabin. He is 6 months so it’s difficult to make a lot of things with him but I sometimes play with him or sing for him, he loves it. I have a stepmother, Audrey, and a stepfather, Raphael. I like them very much; they are like my second parents. At home, the principal rule is respect. If you respect the other, they will respect you in return. My parents are not very strict and I’m very free at home. I also love working for school. I love learning new things that are useful like how does the brain works or what there is in our body. I usually work minimum one or two hours per day for school, more if it’s necessary. For the moment I’m in an audiovisual option at school. It means that I have some photography and video lessons. I love that lessons but I don’t want to have a job in these subjects later. I’d like to be a psychologist but I’m not sure. But I still have a little bit of time to decide. I love a lot of things: I’m a big fan of music, I play the guitar and I sometimes sing. I’m also a fan of cars and Formula One, I support Ferrari and I try to watch all the GP. I’m a very creative person, I like drawing, painting, taking pictures and reading (love stories are my favorite). When I’m free on the weekend, I sometimes hang out with my friends. We do some shopping or we go to the cinema. We sometimes go to concerts when an artist that we love come not far from us. I decided to go on exchange in the USA because I’d like to discover another culture. I learn English at school since I’m 9 and immediately loved this language. This year, my English teacher told us about her exchange year and I thought it looked really interesting and rewarding so I talked about it with my parents and I decided to do it. I also decided to go on exchange because I don’t really know what to do after school so it will let me one year to know what I want and who I am. I think it will be a very beautiful experience. Thank you so much for considering to host and for reading this letter, I can’t wait to meet you ! Lou

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