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's Letter

Dear family, I'm S., a friendly and outgoing girl. I love hanging out with my friends and party, my happy space is with my family, i love my parents and i have a beautiful relationship with them both.I don't have any siblings but me and my mom always laugh don't joke like friends but i always respect her, the same thing with my dad, i would say i'm also trustworthy because they've never been very strict with me but i never got in any sort of trouble. I like spending time alone just watching a movie or taking care of myself sometimes and recharge myself for the next hang out with my best friends and i know they would describe me as really ambitious and very focus on my goal, so sometimes i find it hard to hear other opinions but i'm working on it and i see results. My school is really hard and it requires a lot of studying and organization but i know i made the right choice, i wouldn't go anywhere else, i study languages among other things and my favorite subjects are English, German and history, i find them really easy to study in confront of the others. I always had good grades and i'm very organized with my studying, i rarely get a bad grade because i'm focused on doing good for myself and make my parents proud. When i have time i really like to watch a movie or play video games, i also play with my dad and we have so much fun, or i like to go for a run if the weather's nice or walks during summer when's too hot to run, sometimes i like to read but i don't do it as often as i used to even if i would like to begin again. Once a week i have a skincare day, i consider it a hobby because i'm really determined to keep my skin clear and how i mentioned before it also relaxes me after a long study session. One of my hobbies is also volleyball, i'm not a professional player but i played for 7 years and i consider myself pretty good, i like to play with my friends or in the gym at school, i would like to start playing it again in a team but i don't have time for it so i just watch matches on the television when my favorite team plays. My typical day is very basic, i wake up at 6 every morning except Sunday, i have breakfast then i dress up comfortably for school, i do my make up and get out of the house to take the bus to school, i arrive at school at 7:20 but the lessons start at 7:45 so i sit on a bench in the park in front of school, it's really peaceful but in winter it's cold so i take gloves and a scarf with me and i usually use those 30 minutes to study if i have a test that day. The lessons end at 12:35, and at 12:50 i have the bus that takes me home, sometimes i eat alone because my mom's not home but most of the time she is and we eat together. In the afternoon i relax until 15:30 and then i study until evening if i have an important test coming; then i have dinner with my mom and have a shower i usually go to bed pretty early because i'm exhausted. I have my routine and sometimes i break it to hang out with my friends, usually on Saturday at lunch we eat sushi. i can't thank you enough for this amazing opportunity, and i can't wait to meet all of you soon S.

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Italian (native), English (10+ years), Spanish (3 years)



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Sharing cultures and building communities with high school exchange.

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