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Dear Host Family First I would like to say thank you very much on behalf of my parents to give me the opportunity to realise my dream. Spend time with others in a wonderful country during one year is a privilege that for this reason I would like to come with a wide open mind and take all this opportunity of this favour. When I was young from 7 to 9 years old I went in American school and maybe this give me the taste of this American culture ! From now, I discover the incredible landscape, the beautiful skyscraper when I went to New York in 2019, the specific sport in this continent, the politic and business impacts of the united state on the world. This is very attractive things for me today. I am the latest of a family of 4 childs, two daugthers and one brother. I like very much my family and spend time with then. Unfortunately they are out of our family house to follow in swisss land there study. But anytime we have the occasion to spend time together is a real pleasure. I am very dynamic and open mind person. I like family life as I explain already, I like sharing with friend and practice sport which give me joy and self confidence. My favorite sport is Tennis and soccer, and I hope to join the school team at high american school ! I am also interresting in Mathematic and Economic subjects. My agenda is always full because I am also chef in scoot team. Spending time in a forest to camp is for me very relaxing. Let's us tell me about my parents. My father works in food factory as a general management and my mother works as Human Ressources. My father run a lot often a long distance run like a trail . He made several long distance run more than 80 km like the Marathon des Sables in Maroco. I am impress but more of that I like to run with him. My mother walk a lot and organize each week visit in a museum or a theatre in Paris. She like spend time with people. She also practice golf and sometimes I come with her. So I you can see I am very flexible because I am very curious I like to do a lot thing. I am looking forward to sharing your American life as soon as possible Thank you for all and see you soon ! Philibert

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Human ressources VP


Blanche (24) Ambroise (23) Colombe (18)

Sharing cultures and building communities with high school exchange.

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