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Dear Host Family, First, I am full of enthusiasm and determination to participate in the Exchange student program in the United States of America. I see this as an opportunity where for a whole year I will be fully immersed in American culture and where I can learn the English language in a real context. For me, the experience of spending a period of my life abroad represents an extraordinary opportunity for personal growth. The cultural diversity of the USA, mixed with the difference of the English language compared to Italian, can allow me to enrich myself. In my opinion this path will allow me not only to improve my language skills, but also to learn about a completely different country. I plan to play an active role in the program by participating in cultural events and talking with people my age and with the host family to do an exchange of traditions and culture, which maybe is the most important part. When I decided to do this experience, I immediately thought about the USA. I love the only idea of going there because I find the places very fascinating, even if I can only talk about others’ experiences, because I’ve never been there and there isn’t a better opportunity than this one? Living with people who can share everything about their country! I would like to underline how important this whole adventure is to me. I’m a very curious person, who loves to be surrounded by new people, go to visit some famous places and also stay at home with someone who can show me new recipes! In my family we are four, me, my parents and my older brother. We rarely are all together everyday, in fact we on Sundays organize to play cards for the whole evening. I love having them around, because I’m quite open to them, and every time I need them, they are there for me and I think in a family this is the most important part: be there if one of us needs it. I also have a cat! Precisely an orange cat, he is 5 and a half months old and my family gave it to me, when it was my birthday. The best birthday gift! I usually have to study during the afternoons, so he stays with me and sleeps, but anyway he keeps me company. I’m very attached to him! I also go to school, in a village not too far from mine. It’s very common to hear about people who went to the USA to do the exchange year and found fantastic schools there. Maybe that’s just a stereotype, but I also know that the school here in Italy it’s not one of the easiest in the world. In fact, if you go to a high school in Italy, you have to study very often and for a minimum of a couple hours a day. We learn more than 10 subjects, some are very challenging to understand, like physics for example and in my class, focused on languages, there are others easy, like French or science. As an average Italian student, my favorite subject is physical education. I'm an athletic person, so there isn’t anything better to relax than playing sports. Any kind of sports have my attention, but overall those that it’s needed to play in a team. For me having the capacity of working in a team is an important feature in someone’s character. Thank you for hosting me! Asia

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Andrea (23)

Sharing cultures and building communities with high school exchange.

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