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Dear family, I'm I, I'm sixteen. I'm would say that I'm a good behave kid, I'm generous and also pretty sensitive, and I am really strict about time because i not fond at arriving late at things, in fact sometime I get ready hours bevore an appointment just to make sure I'm readyin time, and I always try to help if I can in any way, I have two birthmarks, and in the summer my freckels are more visible and my eyes become a bit more green because of the sun. I did dye my hair once it was supposed to be a sort of purple high light but it turn out a light brown, now it's starting to grow out the way it was. I started dance at the age of 5 and i've done it for about ten years, but I decided to change sport: this year and I'm trying karate for the second time, I also tryed swimming lesson fora bit but I didn't really liked it. Some of my hobbies are drawing: I really like to put my emotions in a pice of paper, and if it is not drawing I enjoy writing short stories . is just so terapetic and I usually listen to music when i do it my favorit artist is Melanie Martinez, but I also like Lana Del Ray, Tailor Swift, Eminem, Marina and others. I have to admit that english and literature are my favorit subject and also my teachers are just amazing and i love the way they teach becouse they have so much passion, especialy my english teachers , spanish is also an amezing subject plus the moter tongue she is really amezing and always put a smile on our faces , and i shouldn't forget history and art history. I'm an onlychild so it's just me my mum A and my dad E, and our dog J. I love them all becouse they are always there for me. my mum is forty-five she is a kind hearted woman, and she is amezing becouse she tryes her and she will go above and beyond to help people and especially me. My dad is also forty-five he is so patient and always ready to crack a joke to put a smile on everybody's face. And last but not list my beautiful dog J he's three and it is huge and super playful. To be honest my day is nothing special, I wake up at around half past five am get dressed I do my make up i make breakfast for everyone even for my dog, leave home and I get to school at half past seven am; after i finish my lessons which takes approximately 6 hours after finishing I go home and have my lunch. After that i take an half an hour break and after the brake I start doing my homework, if it is a day when I have my extra curriculum activities wich are long a hour and an half or just an hour or when there is a test me and other classmate, we stay behind with the teacher and we go through all the things and study with them so if we have any question we can ask then directly, at the and my mother comes and collects me and we go home , after arriving I see if I need to finish any other homework, after I check I go and have dinner at half past eight; after eating we usually spend some time togrther by whatching a film or just chatting. after I get readyfor bad, by brushing me teeth after that I take off my make up but on my pajama and then i go to bed at half past ten. Thank you for reading, I.

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Italian (native), English (10+ years), French (3 years)



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Sharing cultures and building communities with high school exchange.

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