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Dear host family, My name is Zuzia, I go to high school. I spend about 7 hours in school every day. In high school I have a group of friends my age with whom I spend every break and sometimes free time after school. My biggest dream is to study law abroad and become a good lawyer so I can help people. My closest family is my mother and grandmother. At home I live with my mother and my dog. With my mother we often try to go for walks together and every week, on Saturday night we watch a movie together, it's our little tradition. At home we don't have specific assigned tasks, I always try to help with cleaning or cooking. I have many interests in my life. One of my greatest passions is learning foreign languages. In the future I would like to learn to speak at least 5 languages fluently, this is my small dream and goal. Also, sports are very important to me. I have been going to the swimming pool since I was little. I have been playing tennis and skiing since I was 4 years old. Tennis is a sport that gives me great joy and has taught me to control my emotions. I also enjoy watching sports on TV, and I am a big fan of tennis, ski jumping, athletics and volleyball. I root for my favorites and try to watch their struggles. I follow their careers and professional lives, and even when they have worse moments I always support them spiritually. I am a hardworking, conscientious and punctual person. Honesty and sincerity are important to me. I believe that one of my greatest qualities is that I easily establish contact with people and get used to new surroundings. Selfless help to others is very important to me. I would like to give an example of a simple situation in which I helped a stranger at school who was crying. I approached her and asked her if she needed help or wanted to talk. I spent the whole break with her, but I hope I helped. I believe that even the smallest gestures can be the most helpful. I want to take part in the exchange for many reasons, but the most important for me is that it will open up many opportunities for me related to my future. Also I will improve my English and get to know it in a less formal way. The exchange is also a great adventure. I chose the United States because it has always been my dream to live there, at least for a short time. I would also like to learn about the history and culture of the US. To see what family life and school life is like in the States. To the host family I think I could bring some Polish cuisine, joy, support in difficult moments and my positive energy. In the new school I could show what Polish culture is like and our school and learning. I think a student from Poland could also bring some joy and Polish attitude. I could bring some Polish temperament and style to the American community. At the end of my letter I would like to thank my host family very much, although we do not know each other yet I am very happy that you want to get to know me and spend a whole year with me. I believe it will be a wonderful adventure and a great time spent together. Warm greetings and see you soon Zuzia

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