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Dear host family, my name is Philipp and I come from Germany. I live with my parents in a house where my grandparents also live. I have a brother who has already moved out. I am interested in sports and actively play soccer and volleyball in a club. I am a good student, but I have to study sometimes to get good grades. My favorite subjects are English, sports, German and history. I would describe myself as a very conscientious boy. I organize a lot of things on my own, but I can always ask my parents for help. They also actively supported my idea of doing a year abroad. Perhaps a few words about nutrition. I don't have any particular food preferences. I eat almost everything, whether sweet or savory. I also like to try out new things to eat. So all in all, I would describe myself as uncomplicated. Sport plays a very important role for me. I currently play soccer and volleyball, but I've also tried out various other sports. Unfortunately, I can't do them all at the same time. Other sports are popular in the USA than in Germany. I would be happy if I could try out one or two new sports during my stay in the USA. Of course, sometimes I also like to sit in my room in peace, listen to music, play computer games or watch a few episodes of my favorite series. I talked a lot beforehand with friends who were also able to spend a year in the USA. They were all very enthusiastic and encouraged me in my desire to do the same. Meeting new people and experiencing new things excites me. I know that it won't be easy to be away from my family for a year. On my previous vacations without my family, I didn't feel homesick, but I was always happy to be able to talk about my own experiences. I would like to spend a year in America because I want to get to know the culture there and improve my language skills. I am very interested in the history, culture and everyday life in the USA. Through you I could get a good insight into the everyday life of a family in the USA. I am a polite and open-minded boy, sociable and therefore able to cope well with new situations. I think that I might be able to give something back to you. I would be happy to introduce you to my culture and way of life in Germany; of course only if you are interested. Dear host family, thank you very much for your interest and I would be very happy to get to know you personally. Best regards Philipp

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German (native), English (9 years), Latvian (3 years)



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kaufmännische Angestellte


Christoph (21)

Sharing cultures and building communities with high school exchange.

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