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Dear American family, My name is Sofia and I live in Spain. I live with my mom and very close to the house of my grandmom and my aunt. We live with three cats. Their names are Coco, Snow and Sira. I never used to have cats but three years ago we decided to adopt to Coco and last year we adopted the other two. I am in my freshman year in school. My school is about 20 minutes from home, and I go there in subway every day. At school I have some good friends and we together attend to the classes. My favorite subjects are Arts and Physical Education but last year I had also a good grade in Biology and European and Spanish history. Weekends and in summertime I go to my grandmom house in a small village about 100 km from home. I enjoy there a lot because I can do a lot of activities. One of them is that I can go to a swimming pool with my friends where we relax playing some music and prepare picnics and games, and in the water, we enjoy very much. Also, I go with my friends to the mountains, ride bicycle and going to our houses some evenings to watch a film. In summertime we have the village festival when we have a great time. I make some excursions with friends, enjoy in the nights some days going to a small theme park. The best thing I like in the world is going to concerts. In 2021 was my first concert of Aitana. She is a young Spanish singer that I love very much. Since then, I started to go to more concerts. I like also to travel to different places. I already went to different parts of Spain as well as other countries as Italy, Germany, France, and Portugal. The best things I like when I travel is to see new places and to try local food. When I go to USA I would like to meet an American family to feel as at home and become very good friends. I want also to be part of my host family and I am willing to follow their rules and at the same time collaborate and help. I really would love to go together to different places and have the opportunity to know you better and how an American family is. I think this is a unique experience as I can become for some months part of you. High school is the other part of this experience that I really like. Some friends that went already to USA told me that high schools are very different of the Spanish schools. So, I am really excited about living this new experience and getting the best of it. I want to participate in subjects that I would not be able to participate in Spain, especially activities after classes as sports or other activities. I think this is also a very good way to know other people and make friends. I hope to meet you very soon. I can’t wait to finally be there. On the one side I am very nervous because this is the first time, I will be living out of my home but I hope to take advantage of this opportunity, A big hug and see you soon, Sofia

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