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dear host family, Hi, I'm Ludovica. I'm a very spontaneus girl, I like to spend time with my friends and with my family, in particular I have a very beautiful relationship with my bestfriends. In primary school we used to go to the same school but now we chose different high school. I have a good relationship with my family too, my parents are nice, they let me go out and do things a girl my age would do but at the same time they teach me how to behave well and to be educated and kind with everyone. I love my mum and my dad even tough sometimes we argue. I have two sibilings, one brother and one sister. It happens that I argue with them but I think it's normal sometimes to be angry. The important thing is to make peace and apologize when I am wrong. I live in a quite big town in Italy and I go to a high school in the city centre. The school is hard because there's a lot to study and subjects like latin are not easy, but with my classmates we help eachother. I like my classmates and I have very good friends at school. In the afternoon, after school, I go to play volleyball twice a week. I used to do gymanstic until 2021 when I decided to change because my coach wasn't nice and the sport wasn't funny anymore. Now I love volleyball and I'm pretty good at it. During the summer, for the last two years, I played tennis and I understood that I love tennis. I would have liked to play tennis this year but the workload at school is very high and I decided to play only volleyball. I go to scout once a week. Scout is an important part of my life beacuse I've been going to scout for 9 years and with my scout friends we are like brothers and sisters. I obviously have other hobbies: I love cooking, drawing, acting, reading, and watching television. I've always loved cooking, I started when I was in middle school during covid because I had nothing to do and I realized that it was so funny and at the same time it was interesting to find new recepies and experiment more and more. I have always loved drawing, I remember in kindergarden I used to draw in every moment I could and when I started school, people knew me as the one who drew and I was also pretty good at it. Over time I had fewer and fewer free moments to draw since I had to study and for a while I abandoned this passion which I have been rediscovering again recently. The same concept is for acting because I used to do acting classes until high school but after then I sadly didn't have time anymore for it. If I a had to describe a normal day in my life I'd say that I wake up at around 7 am, I have breakfast with my dad and my sister because my mom and my brother are still sleeping, then I get dressed and I go to school. I like school, in particular because of my friends! When I come back home I normally do the next day's homework or if I don't have anything to do, I just relax: I watch a movie or I read a nice book or sometimes I sleep. One of the best part of a day is in the evening when with my family we have dinner togher so we can talk about our day. The best part of the week is friday night and the weekend because I can relax and go out with my friends: for me and my best friends is now a tradition to eat togheter on friday evening and eventually watch a film or hang out in the neighborhood. I love staying with them because I feel good, I laugh a lot, and I think we get very well togetherl! On the other hand on saturday night I normally spend time with my high school's friends, sometimes we just go to someone's house and have dinner, someothers times we hang out in the city centre or we go to see a movie. I'm glad I found them because after middle school I was scared not to find good friends but luckily I did it and I am very happy with them. thank you for reading my letter and i can't wait to meet you all best regards L.

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