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Dear Host Family, I'm Jacopo, an Italian student. I live in a very peaceful Italian city with my mom, my dad, my older sister and my dog. I've also got an older brother who lives alone. I am very calm. I wish to be able to study outside of my country, to confront myself with new customs, traditions and study methods. I think I'd be a good exchange student because I like studying and meet new people because my hope is to be able to make many new friends who I could still remain in contact with even after the end of my scholastic experience with you. I believe this exchange in a host family will be useful for my personal growth and I'm sure it'll be a great chance to leave you a nice memory of me and a long-lasting bond. When I am home, I help my mom with house duties, like wiping the floor or loading the dishwasher. I really like cooking. My favourite dish is Spaghetti alla carbonara, which is also the favourite of the whole family that often asks me to prepare it. To help my parents, I try to keep my room as clean and tidy as possible and I make my bed every morning. I study at a scientific school, I go to school from Monday to Friday. During the week, after school, I do my homework and study. If I have some time left, I hang out with my friends. I go to school every morning by bike or bus. My favorite subject is computer science, but I also like Math. Among my future projects, I'd like to continue my study path in technological or mathematical field. I always spend time with my family during dinner during which we talk about our day. In the evening, if I'm not too tired, I go out with my friends, but only until 10:30 pm, or I read a few pages of a book. I really like fantasy books. During weekends, I like to spend some more time in bed before getting up or have breakfast with my parents. I'm also able to spend more time with my friends. When I am outside with them, we usually play soccer, talk a bit and sometimes we stay out for dinner together. I really like listening to music, Metal is my favourite genre. I really love animals, and, as I already said, I have a dog that I really have fun taking care of her and bring her out on long walks. I practiced many sports, among those are karate, horse riding and handball. I am also very good at playing chess. I sometimes play with my dad. During summers, my parents own a house at the seaside and I'm very happy because I can stay on the beach and play table tennis with my friends. I'm very lucky because I can spend the whole summer there after the end of school. But I also really like going on a vacation in the mountains and during Christmas holidays, if possible, we go there together even if I never learned how to ski, but I would like to learn sooner or later. I already feel like thanking you for the hospitality and the path we'll make together. See you, Jacopo

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