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Dear host family, I am Rupert and I am from Germany. I live with my parents and my sister in a small town in the north-eastern part of Germany. My mother works as a psychologist and my father works as a physician. My sister is 13 years old and really likes horses. She takes riding lessons at least once a week. Every morning me and my sister go to school at the same time because we go to the same highschool. I go there by bike whereas my sister takes the bus. I dont really have favourite subjects at school but if I had to choose it would be English or computer science. In my freetime I like to play videogames also I meet up with my friends quite often. In the summer we play volleyball at our local beach, we also play a lot of soccer. We started playing volleyball pretty active this summer and went to the beach very often after school. In the evenings we meet additional in our hometown and just go around, talk and laugh. In the winter I also really like to meet up with my friends at someone’s place to have a nice time. I also really enjoy to go skiing with my family in the cold season. Besides sports and meeting friends I also enjoy it a lot to just stay at home and spend time with my family. We visit my cousins and grandparents - living in a town about 2 hours away - quite regular. I really like animals, we have a 5 year old dog and a cat. When I am coming home from school in the afternoon I usually go out with my dog, sometimes even dogscooting. I really like to do new activities like sports I have never tried before. It would be great if I can play american football in a team from the school for example. I think I am a pretty straight minded type of person and I think that I can adapt good to new surroundings. I am really looking forward to experience life in an american familiy because I think it is especially nice to share moments and memories from activities with siblings or the family in general. For this reason it would be really nice if I can spent the year with hostsiblings. One of the reasons I want to do the exchange year is to improve my english. But even more I want to learn a lot about the american culture and the way of life. I hope to meet many interesting and different people and to get new impressions. The exchange year will be quite a challenge to me that I really like to accept. Thank you a lot for choosing me as a exchange student and giving me the chance to stay at your family for one year! I am very excited to meet you and I am looking forward to make new friends in the USA and meet you as my host family! Kind regards, Rupert

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German (native), English (10+ years), Swedish (3 years)



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Ida (13)

Sharing cultures and building communities with high school exchange.

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