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Dear Host Family Hi, I’m Nanami. First of all, I’d like to say thank you for giving me the chance to I become an exchange student and allowing me to take part in your daily life. Let me introduce my character. I’m friendly myself and interested in a lot of stuff. Being with you, this character will make you happy. Then I’d like to tell you what I want to do. First, I think I want to enjoy life with you, such as having a meal with you, watching movies, and so on. And I’d like you to talk about the US an American views. Instead of that, I’ll tell you about Japan. For example, I like cooking so I will make a Japanese dish for you. Also, I love playing the guitar. Therefore, I’ll bring it and play it. I hope you love music, too. By the way, I’ll talk about my daily life. On weekday, (Mon-Sat), I go to school every day. On Monday, I have a guitar lesson. I have played the guitar since I was 5 years old. On Saturday, the school ends at 0:30 p.m. After school, I go to the boxing gym. I started it when I was in 1st grade in junior high school. On Sunday(holiday), mainly, I hang out with my friends. For example, sing in Karaoke (Actually I am not a good singer lol. Just like singing with my friends.), go watch a movie in the theater. One of my favorite movies is STAR WARS. I belong to the archelogy club. The main activity is visiting museums. As I like history, I’d like to learn about American history, too. Anyway, I’ll introduce you to my family. First, my dad. He likes music, gardening, and watching TV. He always hugs me, and thanks to that, I become happy. Second, my mom. She likes reading books. She always listens to me and helps me. Third, my young sister. She likes playing video games. As I like video games, too, we often play together. The reason why I participate in this program is to learn about different cultures and know about the world that I don’t know. And to be a person with confidence. I don’t have a clear image of my future, but I’d like to work that helps many people. Therefore, to increase my choice is the reason, too. I have never been to mainland the US. I’m looking forward to seeing you. Best regards, Nanami

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English (9 years), Japanese (native)



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Rena (10)

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