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's Letter

Dear Host Family, My name’s Sara, and I’m from Italy. First of all, I want to thank you so much for hosting me for 10 months. This has been my biggest dream since I was a child, and I can’t believe it’s finally coming true. I love meeting people from foreign countries because I have the chance to learn more about their lives and to spread my culture. I think this is a huge opportunity to make friends, improve my English and create forever lasting memories. Thank you with all my heart! The people I know describe me as a friendly, open-minded and talkative person. I think I’m also very adaptable and sociable. I’m always available to help my friends and my family when they need it. I love music and going to concerts, especially pop and indie ones. My favorite singer is Lana del Rey. I went to her concert in Italy and it was the best day of my life. I also love Taylor Swift and Billie Eilish. I also love reading. I’ve been interested in it since I was in kindergarten, when I didn’t know how to read and my grandmother used to do it out loud for me. I still remember all the tales we read together by heart. Now I mostly read classic, young adult and thriller books. My favorite one from all time is Jane Eyre, but I also loved And Then There Were None and The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo. I think books made me who I am today. I love writing as well and I hope that, some day, I will become an author. I love challenging my father in writing short essays. When we’re on holiday or we have time, we often google “random words generator” and we write a short text based on the chosen words. I can’t be defined as a very sporty person, but I love going to the gym. I usually go there just two times a week. It’s not so much, but it’s a great way to get fit, relax and release tension. I also enjoy playing the piano, but I’m just a beginner. I have played it for three years now, but because of school and homework I don’t have a lot of time for practicing. I also really like going out with my friends. This summer we went to the beach together and we had so much fun. I love talking with them and playing board games. I have a male best friend, his name is Filippo, and I’ve known him since we were newborns. Our mums used to take us on walks together when we were still on strollers. Our friendship has never stopped since those moments. I like going to school, and I think I’m a good student. One of my favorite subjects is English, but I also love literature. I enjoy studying languages. I’m currently learning French and German, but I’d also like to study Spanish. My family’s not so big because I’m an only child, but we’re very close. I would have loved to have a sister or a brother around my age, but I guess my cats do the job :) My mum’s name is Sonia. She’s 44 and works as a secretary. She’s always there for me when I need it. We love going to concerts together and watching tv series. My father’s name is Francesco, he’s 49 and works in an office. He made me inherit the passion of reading and writing. We like playing tennis and chess. Together we love visiting cities such as Venice, Florence, Milan… We live in a semi-detached house in a little town in the North of Italy. We also have two cats. I love animals, and I wish I could own a dog and a hamster. My cats would eat it, though! Well, I’ve talked about myself all this time but I don’t know anything about you, and I can’t wait to discover more! I’m looking forward to arriving in the USA and start a new chapter of my life, and I’m so grateful to you and to my parents for that. I’ve always liked travelling, but going to London in 2019 made me fall in love with it. I had never realized how many people I could meet before then. I hope that this experience will make me more independent, grow as a person and get closer to you. I also hope that you will consider me as a part of your family, and I will do my best to make you feel like it. Thank you! With Love, Sara

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Italian (native), English (10+ years), French (3 years)



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Sharing cultures and building communities with high school exchange.

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