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's Letter

Dear host family, Hello! My name is Maleen. I live in a house together with my mom and my dog. I see my father regularly and have a very close and healthy relationship with him. I'm a German girl, who is interested in sports, especially in volleyball and winter sports, in travelling, camping and going out with friends. I'm a very open minded person and that's why its easy for me to meet new people and get in contact with them. I love to learn about foreign cultures. For the last two years we were a host family to a Ukrainian mother and her daughter and in the end they really felt like family to me. I learned a lot about Ukrainian culture and I could improve my English, because I got used to speak English almost the whole time at home, but I still want to learn more about the language. I want to live the American life as much as possible but I also want to get more independent and help wherever I can. I'm playing Volleyball for almost ten years now. I have training 3 times a week and I'm also training kids in the age from 7 to 13 years. I love kids in general, I have two nephews and taking care of them and playing with them is filling me with so much joy. For animals it's the same. I grew up with having a dog and I love teaching them new tricks, going out with them and of course cuddling. We also had a cat, because our Ukrainian family brought her from Ukraine and I absolutely fell in love with her. In summer me and my mom are always staying on Baltic Sea for three weeks. We play Beachvolleyball with our friends all day and are having a BBQ every evening with friends and family. My dad and I are also staying at Baltic Sea for three weeks, camping in a tent. Mom and I are also camping, but in a caravan and that's a complete different feeling. In winter me and my mom are always going skiing and snowboarding since I am three years old. I was skiing for 9 years and I'm snowboarding for two years now. I hope to find a nice host-family to have a wonderful and unforgettable time. Greetings from Germany Maleen ;)

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German (native), English (7 years), French (3 years)



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