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's Letter

Hi!! To start thank you for let me live whit your family. I promes i will do my best for adapting to living with you and spending an incredible time sharing customs and laughter. The basics things that you must knew about me are the followin: i love to read since 2019, I descovered that reed make me relax and now I read minimun one book for week (when the school and studies dont take up my time) my favourite genre of reading is fantasy (harry potter is my favourite saga) reed make me desconect a little for the world wen thinks are getting dificult. I love making sport not just athletism also I like to jogging . I also love spending time whit my dad he is one of mi favourits persons, he is like a friend to me, we cook togheder, we make sport, we laugh and we always have something to thalk about is like he is not an adult and he is a kid like me, I also love mi mom, she is more strict but she have the capability of understand me and she is always willing to help me and give me advise even somethimes we discuss because we are very diferent but I love her so much. I am the third of 5 siblings, mi big sister named Josefa is studing laws in Santiago, since she go we have had a better relation I realy enjoy when she came to Rancagua ,I always have some knew to tell her and we always have a great time thogether. The second one is Emilia she is going to study in the University in Santiago nexT year and I realy gonna miss her because she is my confident and my advicer y always can talk whit her and she will always be willing to help me, then is mi little sister Colomba she is 11 yers old and she is always telling me thinkgs about his friends and the boy that she like (she likes like 2 boys per week) i love listeng to her, and lastly mi jounger brother , he is the happines of mi house, he is 9 years old and we all love them cause he is the only brother,I love to tell him storis before his asleep and we are always talking about what we do in our day, he is very good at talking. I had a groUp of 7 friends, they are the best, we are always laughing and I have a complet trust in each one of them Im gonna miss them during mi program. I like to be outside, to walk and go to eat somenthing and be whit mi friends, I like to go to parties and ang out whit people of mi age I am a very sociable person, my friends always tell me that I have the capability to talk to anyone without judging, even though I love to go out and have a good time mi parents agree whit me when I said that I have the ability to separate my studies and responsabilities whit my entertainment so as not to neglect one of them. I want to live in U.S.A with you first to learn better and speak more fluently english, because in this moment I want to study internacional bussines a course taught in English, and even if I dont study that I belive that english is important for me because I always have wanted to live in diferent countrys during my life, and I want to learn knew cultures and knew waYs of lives collecting incredible memories and experiences that I will never forgoth. Since I whas little I always heared people talking about other countris and exchange trips so I realy hope to have one of the best experience of mi life, to know increadible persons and to be able to contribute something and become part of your family.

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English (3 years), Spanish (native)



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Sharing cultures and building communities with high school exchange.

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