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Dear host family, Thank you for your participation in this exchange program and for accepting me to live with your family. I am French and have always lived in the south of France. I live with my two parents and my older sister. I like to travel, discover new lifestyles, learn new languages ​​and cultures. I like meeting new people and discovering sports, activities or places. I know that I will come back changed and would have appreciated this program because it will surely bring me a lot of things. I am very grateful to you and the program for allowing me to have this experience. I would like it to bring you as much as it does to me. I like to be on the move. I also like to watch series, films or football matches. I'm a big fan of "Fast and furious", hence my passion for cars. I love watching formula 1. I read a lot of books but mainly romances, fantasies and books on personal development. Personal development is dear to me, that is surely the reason why I want to do this experience, that I am very optimistic and like to realize a dream like this. I love music and I have very varied tastes. I love art, especially painting. I am a creative, honest, productive, and jovial person. I'm interested in joining school sports clubs or volunteering if possible. I learn English on my own and then I want to learn other languages. I like to take photos and videos to keep good memories. The things I like the most about me are my self-confidence and my open-mindedness. I am described as a relaxed, easy-going and smiling person. I'm not comfortable with babies but rather with childrens and teenagers. I love pets, especially cats or dogs. I'm not very sociable when I don't feel comfortable. But when I feel comfortable I am open to other and talk a lot. I am restless or even overactive with those closest to me. I would like to improve my ability to socialize and I think this experience will be useful to me. I'm a very versatile person. Many things interest me and I like to discover them, which is why I think that adaptation is also one of my qualities. My father works in a company. He is passionate about petanque and participates in many competitions. My mother works in a clothing store. She is very fond of historical series and hiking. My older sister is interested in finance and marketing. She also likes to read. She and I are very close. With my family we like to travel, to visit museums, to go to the beach, to play board games and video games, watch football matches, send time in restaurants and cinemas and personally, when I am at home I like to spend time painting, listening to music, writing, taking care of my rabbit, and reading. I have been going to the gym for 1 year with my sister and I do exercises at home. I like to go out with my friends to party and organize days at the pool or at the beach I value my freedom very much and my parents trust me to hang out with my friends and they see me as responsible and I honestly am. My family and I celebrate Christmas, Halloween and Easter and I love the organizations around these holidays. High school takes up a lot of my time. We work until 5 p.m. with breaks. I have a lot of homework so I work evenings and weekends. My school is still good because it sometimes organizes events and it's the place where I see my friends. Although I like to have fun, work is also important to me. I often take a little time to work alone on projects that are dear to me. I am persistent and serious in my work. I started writing books, learning web design and teaching myself the field of finance recently. I would like to make you discover French culture as well as our French dishes. Although I am not a great cook, I like to cook cakes, pastries or simple dishes from France. I want to discover the American school system because it is rich in activity and different from that of France. I would like to try options or sports that are not in our school system in France. Spending a year as a high school student in the United States has always been a dream that stayed in the back of my mind and never came out. When I discovered this program at a very young age, I felt that it was ideal for me. So I decided to take the risk and give myself the challenge of achieving this childhood dream, but above all a project that brings me a lot and is worth it. I also think that this experience will make me grow and allow me to overcome my fears, teach me to adapt, to enrich myself personally and to create strong bonds with new people. Thank you for having read me and, perhaps well for having chosen me!

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Lana (18)

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