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Dear Family, I'm S. and I live in a big Italian city with my parents and my brother. My parents are both 50 while my brother is 19 and he attends university. In the house there are only four of us. There are no animals also because I am very afraid of dogs since I was a kid. I go to school from Monday to Saturday and every morning my mom takes me because she works nearby. She is an accountant and my father is an employer. I have a good relationship with my parents, I can talk about anything with them that can give me the best advice. When I need something, they always know how to help me. At dinner is the moment where at the end of the day, we can share what we did during the day. During weekends or holidays my family and I love traveling: we like to discover new cultures, new traditions, new routines. Otherwise, on Sundays, when the football team of my city plays, sometimes I go to the stadium with my father: we like to share the same passions for sport. With my mother instead, when we have time, we like to go for walks in the parks near our house and in those moments, we talk about everything. I also have a great relationship with my brother. Sometimes it's ok not to get along but when I need to talk to a guy who's more experienced than me, I know I can count on him. Last summer, for the first time, my brother and I we spent 4 days in the Italian capital and this experience have made us even more united. Sometimes I like hanging out with his friends who treat me like I'm their little sister. Our house is very close to the city centre. I really like its location and my favorite room is definitely my bedroom. My brother and I don't share the bedroom. It's the place where we both spend enough of our time to study in the afternoon. School is sometimes difficult but I like learning new stuff and I do my best to achieve good grades. I'm a very sporty person so my favourite subject is P.E. . I also play basketball, I train 4 or 5 times a week and then play the game on the weekend. I have a good relationship with my teammates, I like to spend time with them and as well as teammates, for me they are also life companions. After some trainings, we like going to eat sushi or pizza. I love these two dishes. I also have other friends and I like to go out with them. I love taking a ride downtown to shop, going to the concerts and going to the arena to watch the basketball games of my favourite team in my city. Otherwise we meet at the park where we spend our afternoons chatting and making a couple of shots to the basket. I think I'm a sunny person, I really like to smile and have fun with people who make me feel good. I'm very sociable and friendly, I like to meet new people without having prejudices. I am a curious person, I love to discover new things, I don't like monotony. I am honest, I always tell the truth because I also like to receive it. I'm understanding and helpful because I always listen to every point of view and I'm trying to solve the problems. I love warm weather so my favourite season is definitely the summer, when I spend the three summer months at the beach with my grandparents. I have a great relationship with them. Even at the sea, I have my group of friends with whom I like to go swimming in the sea, playing beach volley or rackets. In these moments I am definitely more carefree than when I go to school and every year I can't wait to go back to experiencing new emotions. I am grateful to have the opportunity to have this experience and I thank you who will host me.

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Luca (19)

Sharing cultures and building communities with high school exchange.

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