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Dear future host family, I would like to begin to thank the person who are going to welcome me in their family during my exchange year. My name is Emma and I’m from France. I live with my both parents and my sister who is older that me. I also live with my two cats, Simba and Chicago. I love my family so much. Then, I have a lovely group of friends and I love spend time with them. Now let’s introduce me in more details. First of all we can talk about the things I love. I’m a girl who loves a lot of things, I’m not very complicate to make smile and happy. I always say that the life is a present and you have to honor it. You have to see the life in colors and just live and do the things you love. It's not good to always focus on the things you failed or the things you don’t love. You have to focus on the things who makes you smile and happy. It’s my life philosophy. But I can also say that I especially love basketball, starbucks latte, books, Taylor Swift, one tree hill, Disney movies, play cards with my friends, history, do cakes for the person I love, take pictures, taco bell, high school musical, my family, my friends, Harry Potter, make jokes, dream, travel, shopping and so many others things. I know the list is long but I’m a girl who love discover new things and try activities. Then, we can talk about my personality. According to my family and friends, I’m a kind, lovely, positive, crazy, intelligente, loyal, fearless, sportive, organise, respectful, perfectionist and adventure girl. To continue, I gonna tell you my hobbies, my talents, my expectations for this exchange year, my motivations to do this year in the united states and my future goals. So first, my hobbies are basketball, listening music, cooking, reading and travelling. I play basketball since I have nine years old and I love this sport. I think it's the best sport on earth but I'm not very objective. Now we can talk about my talents. I’m a very good cooker. I love make cakes for my family and friends. I’m also good at basketball and I love do creative things for the person I really love. I’m going to present you my motivations and my expectations for this exchange year. First, I want to learn English but I also want to discover a new culture, meet new people, take confident, live the teenage life like in the movies, prove at myself that I can make it and to become a new and a best version of myself. I want to do this year because I always want to discover in more details the united states and I hope this exchange year allow me to do that and realize my biggest dream. I also want to live the experience with an American family who host me and accept me in their life. I really want to discover the traditions, the habits and so many others things with a typical family. To finish, I have so many future goals. I want to go on and American university and after become a lawyer. I also want to have a family of my own, realize all my dreams, write a book and become a best version of myself. To conclude, I hope you love my letter and my letter caught you attention. In summary, I want to do this year because I want to discover the culture, the language and the life in an American high school. Best wishes, Emma

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French (native), English (6 years), Spanish (5 years)



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Julia (19)

Sharing cultures and building communities with high school exchange.

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