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Dear Host Family, my name is Lisa and I live in Germany. Thank you so much for considering taking me in as your host student! I wouldn’t describe myself as a calm person. That’s why I’m spending my free time with dancing hip hop. I am active in two groups on two days a week. I really enjoy dancing. I’m also part of our school musicals as a dancer. Another two days a week I’m practicing competition gymnastics. We are having competitions with our gymnastic group on two to six weekends a year. It’s really strenuous, because the competitions are approximately five hours long. But I like to do cool acrobatics like somersaults and spins in my gymnastic exercises. I used to take recorder lessons for five years and switched to flute lessons after, which I learned for three years. Nowadays I play the flute on special occasions, like Christmas. I also help elementary school students with their homework for one hour two days a week. When we have enough time we’re playing some games together or we are drawing some pictures. I enjoy my time with them. The kids are very happy to see me as well and enjoy spending time with me. Despite my spare time activities, I would never forget the priority of school, but I think variety is important too. I really like to do creative things like do it yourself’s, writing stories or listening to music, because during this time I can relax. I’m also interested in fashion and styling. I usually overthink my outfits and I match my accessories. My favorite animals are cats, because my best friend has two cute cats I enjoy playing with. I don’t have cats, but I ever had two dwarf rabbits. I took care of them and fed them daily for eleven years. In addition I really like to do activities and travel with family and friends. My friends and me are having picnics together, we’re going to concerts, we’re going swimming, we’re watching movies in the cinema or we’re doing lots of more cool activities. I have an older brother, with whom I get along well and we often play games or watch a movie together. I would really enjoy if I get a host family with a sibling near my age, because I love to spend time with family and friends. I’m also open for new things and changes. I look forward to you all. Kind regards Lisa

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German (native), English (7 years), French (4 years)



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Levin (22)

Sharing cultures and building communities with high school exchange.

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