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Babysitting/Working with kids
Playing Piano or Musical Instruments
Tennis/Soft Tennis
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Bike Riding
Running or Jogging
Table Tennis


's Letter

Dear future Host Family, First of all, I want to thank you so much for thinking about hosting me for 5 months. I really appreciate it. Unfortunately, I don´t know anything about you but I would like to tell you something about myself. My name is Tibelya. I have two younger siblings. A brother who is 11 years old and a sister who is 7 years old. Together with my parents we live in a house in the west of Germany near by a big city. My parents are Annette and Tuma. My mom is 40 years old and she is a civil servant. My dad is 47 years old and works as a Head of Operations in a publishing house. Most of all I like to play games with my family or go on trips by bike. We are originally arameans. A Christian minority from turkey. But my parents were born in Germany. I would describe myself as a very cheerful person. Mostly I am very motivated, enthusiastic and happy. My friends would describe me as a very friendly, caring and helpful person and I am also the class speaker in my class. I like to take responsibility and it is just great to help other people. But sometimes I can also be a bit chaotic and moody. I usually take some time for myself listen to music or take time to think. My favorite subjects at school are English and PE. I do a lot of sports in my free time as well. My hobbies are tennis and playing the piano. I play Tennis for 6 years and I love it. Together with my friend Paula, I train twice a week. It´s so cool to have a friend who is on the same level as you. The piano am I playing for 9 years. In opposite to playing tennis, the piano relaxes me so much. For example, after a long day, I come home, eat something and just want to take a deep breath. I sit down on my piano and start to play. Sometimes pop songs but mostly classic songs. Apart form tennis and piano, I am also very interested in soccer. I often play with my brother or my dad. The most exciting soccer league for me is the German Bundesliga. My favorite team is the FC Bayern Munich. I also love to watch the Europe cup or world cup together with friends or family. For me it is a very big event and I am excited every time. I am also very interested in media. That´s why I am doing an internship at a TV station. Traveling to America was always one of my biggest dreams and I am very thankful to have the opportunity to make my wish come true. What makes America so special for me is, one the one hand, the typical cliches from the high school movies, but on the other hand, you never really know what´s in store for you. I´m looking forward to visiting high school and learn typical American sports. Of course, I also want to get to know America from a up close side and learn things that I would never have imagined. I would love to tell you many things about the German culture and also some facts about aramaic traditions. I would show you some typical things from Germany and maybe we can cook or bake some traditional things together. But even more am I excited to get to know you and your culture. I want to experience your normal day routines get to know your family and friends and spend a lot time with you. We could go for walks or do some activities. I am also very excited to go to high school. As I already said, I am very curious about the cliches there but the most interesting thing in high school are the different subjects. I hope I learn as much as possible and try some new and exciting subjects. I think it´s also really that the after-school clubs play such a big role. There are so many different ones and I would love to join one of the sports clubs. At a normal day in my life, I wake up at 6:30 am and make myself ready to go to school. With the bus I arrive at school at about 7:45 am and my school starts at 8 am. Twice a week school finishes at 13:15 pm and three times a week at 14:25 pm. After school I walk together with two of my friends home. When I arrive at home my mom usually cooks lunch for me and my brother and we eat together. After eating I do my homework and either I meet my friends or do some sports like tennis. Once a week I also supervise the children´s gymnastics in our village. After school I really want to travel the world. My family and I often do vacation in other countries and I love to explore new things there. I also have relatives in many different countries like Sweden, Canada, Australia, Great Britain and the U.S. as well. I was in many countries in Europe and I am very excited to come to the U.S. For the first time. It is such a big country and everywhere you look you can see different things. I want to know everything and more. The culture, your traditions and of course high school. American are very known for kindness and the interaction with each other. I want to experience all this things as a part of your family. I want to look back in a few years and say wow, living in America was one of the best times of my life. I hope it will be unforgettable. Thank You and greetings, Tibelya

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German (native), French (3 years), English (9 years)


Eastern Orthodox

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Head of Operations at Stollfuß Publishing

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Senior administrative inspector at the BGW


Jeshua (12) Emilia (7)

Sharing cultures and building communities with high school exchange.

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