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"We are showing that people from different cultures can understand one another"

Ayusa is a high school exchange program sponsored by the Department of State. We match bright young leaders from around the world with families across the United States. Ayusa provides international students the opportunity to learn about America through a semester or year as a high school student in their host family’s community. American host families also experience a new culture and gain a lifelong connection between their family and a family in another country.

Star Students Seize Life In The U.S. With Double Placement

Both Star Students Maddie and Krystof live with the Raitts and are seizing life in the U.S.

Students Become Ambassadors During Times of Global Crisis

Mahdev helps bring insight and information from home about the missing Malaysian airplane

CSC Winners Made Huge Contributions To Host Communities

With over 300 service hours combined, our winners touched the lives of many

New Experiences Open The World For Sierra Leone Student

Having never used a computer or seen snow, the world has been opened for Tamba

For more than 30 years, Ayusa has been connecting families around the world through student exchange. We are affiliated with the following organizations.