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Hello future host family! My name is Niklas and I would like to tell you something about me. First, thank you for visiting my profile. Some weeks ago my mom told me about a friend of hers whose daughter is going to do an exchange year in the US. I instantly knew that I also wanted to do the same as I always wanted to experience the highschool spirit and the american culture. Whenever my parents asked me where we want to go on vacation I always suggested the USA. Unfortunately we never actually went there, so I'm really happy that my parents give me the opportunity to stay there for half-a-year. My favorite subject in school is English and I want to improve my pronunciation and my general speaking skill. I love meeting my friends and I hope to make some new ones in America. My biggest passion is playing theatre and I'm really excited to join a Drama Club as the one in my school is rather bad and we don't really get to do some cool things. That's why I joined a theatre club out of my school, where I have much fun and met some good friends. Last year we played "Nils Holgerson", a Scandinavian children's story, which is very popular in Europe. I got the great opportunity to play the main character. I’ve had so much fun and it was an awesome experience. I also like to play tennis with my Dad even if we’re not really good, we have a lot of fun. In our holidays me and my family often go to European countries like Denmark, Poland, Austria and Spain. We visit the capitals or small cities and do day trips to the beach. I like to go to theme parks with my family and friends to ride roller coasters. In the evening I like to watch netflix shows or play video games with my friends. I also like to go shopping and get some new clothes or just meet in the mall. I also want to get the opportunity to try out new things that I haven't even thought about. In the summer I really like to be outside and enjoy the sun or jump in our little pool with my sister. Two times I went to English summer camps on my own, where we did so much cool things like swimming or playing games at the beach. Even if the food in the youth hostels is usually not so good I enjoyed everything about it. I am a calm but open minded student who is very reliable and friendly. I would really like to become a part of your family and your life for this time. I’m curious how you live and I would be very happy if I can participate in your everyday life. Thanks for reading my text and I'm really excited to hopefully meet you in summer. Best wishes, Niklas :)

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German (native), English (7 years), French (3 years)



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Nahja (13)

Sharing cultures and building communities with high school exchange.

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