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Dear American Family, I hope that whilst reading this letter, you will be able to feel the excitement that I am feeling as I am writing it! My name is Ivan, I am sixteen years old and I come from Bulgaria. With no doubt, I would say that I'm easily adaptable and very open-minded towards many things. One such thing is being put in an unfamiliar environment, where people from different backgrounds surround me. My family consists of my mom, her boyfriend, my grandma, and me. I imagine myself living in a household full of positive energy and understanding, where everyone mutually receives unconditional support and encouragement. I spend most of my free time with my mom. We like going out for walks, grocery shopping, or maybe even taking a trip to a nearby town during the weekends! I must've inherited my traveling passion from her since she's been the one who's always taken me on trips around places. At home, I'm responsible for keeping my room clean and tidy and washing the dishes whenever I'd like to help my family out with household tasks. There are a couple of important interests of mine that define me more as a person rather than sports. Aviation (which could also be referred to as plane spotting or flying), Fashion/Beauty, Computers or Technology, and Entrepreneurship have played a huge role in my life for the past couple of years. Right now, I'm also interested in and enjoy swimming, traveling to new places, fashion trends, art, and STEM subjects. In the U.S., I hope to engage in various activities and experiences that my exchange year has for me to discover. I am keen on making as many memories as I can with my friends since I cherish friendships a lot. Whenever we hang out, we like to go shopping, eat at a restaurant, or dig into one another's interests and talk about them together. We even visit museums, parks, and exhibitions whenever we can! I live in an urban city with more than a million inhabitants. It's home to many major establishments, attractions, and events. There's diversification in terms of architecture - old-time and present-day buildings represent different parts of the city. Public transportation plays a huge role in the daily lives of the city's residents. I prefer having plans made for me ahead of time, even though I often allow changes in my schedule. Once I graduate, I'd like to continue my education with a Bachelor's in Finance, International Business, Entrepreneurship, or anything similar in this area. In the future, I hope to be surrounded by amazing and supportive people in a healthy environment that matches my life goals. Animals have a special place in my heart! Unfortunately, I have asthma, which makes it difficult to live around furry animals. As of now, I do not partake in any sport; however, I understand the rules of basketball and volleyball and enjoy playing them during PE class. I also go to the gym frequently. I often accept challenges and try to find new ways to reach my dream results. From a young age, I've seen America as something so distanced, limitable, unreachable, like a made-up fantasy story. Since the day I heard about the YES program and its goal, I instantly decided to apply and I've been passionate and excited about going to the U.S. as a YES student ever since. For my exchange year, I've set a goal to expand my knowledge and skills on personal qualities, new cultures, traditions, and cuisines, and most definitely, experience the American dream and culture shock once I explore my new environment. In addition, I aspire to gain a wider perspective on our world and the opportunities it has prepared for our future. Thank you for considering hosting me! I look forward to hearing from you soon. Sincerely yours, Ivan

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Sharing cultures and building communities with high school exchange.

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