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Dear American Family, Hii! I would like to introduce myself to you, my name is Athifa but people usually call me Tifa, I'm 16 years old. I live with both of my parents, and I have 2 older siblings, the eldest is my brother and the other one is my sister. Although they both moved out this year, one for marriage and the other for work. We are a simple family who likes to do your everyday family activities such as going out to eat and sometimes going on a trip together somewhere fun. Being the youngest child in the family makes me feel like i am spoiled by all my family members. Even though l am the youngest, i still try my best to do my chores in the house such as doing my own bed, cleaning duty on the weekend and doing dishes. My siblings and i have a good bond, we talk on the phone and hang out a lot even now that they’re out the house. When we’re together, we like to do things like watching netflix or just simply sit and talk about anything. I am currently active as student council secretary in my school so i love to stay in school after lesson ends. I also love to do dance and is a member of my school dance club, i practice with the club at least twice a week. Me and my dance club have already achieved many ‘first place’ in competitions. From dancing, i learned to explore and express my creativity while working together with my team. I hope to improve my skills so i can become an even better dancer and showcase my dance moves to you as well! My friends would describe me as a person who is calm and level headed in the group. I love to have a chat with my friends and i enjoy the time i spent with them that sometimes i cant stop talking =). We usually hang out in pretty much anywhere we can because in my point of view its all about the company not the place. I would say that i enjoyed a good laugh every time i get a chance to get together with my friends and i am thrilled to make more friends and have a good time together. I live in a town so called 'City Of A Thousand River', it is mostly known for its vast nature and its tradition. The most notable thing about my city is the Floating Market that lasted since hundred years ago. People would sell daily goods and fruits with traditional boats where water transport played an important role in their daily life, Floating markets initially are not created as tourist attractions, but now they have been promoted as one of the most well known tourism spot in my town. I have a dream to become a lawyer in the future. I want to further study law and get into top university in my country. Studying law offers the opportunity for me to develop a range of skills and explore many aspects of human life. What excite me the most is that, once i qualified to become one i will have the ability to make such change in people's lives. Those whom cannot help themselves or those who needs a guiding hands through difficult time in their lives, i will be able to help them. I’m hoping to gain an opportunity to learn the skills that I can't learn normally in my country while doing exchange. particularly language skills, to start building the path for my future. I feel like the next step to grow as a student and future professional is to carefully learn those skills from a foreign environment, and after that, obtain the skills and apply them to my own country and my communities. The future career path I’m hoping to pursue, which is becoming a lawyer would benefit greatly from an experience like this. For those reasons, I felt this was an excellent opportunity to begin my wildest adventure yet. I hope this letter helps you to get to know me better. I look forward to meeting you! - with love, Athifa

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Alya (24) Muhammad (29)

Sharing cultures and building communities with high school exchange.

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