Palestinian (West Bank)

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's Letter

Dear American Family, My name is Mira. I am 16 years old and I come from Palestine. I sincerely appreciate that you have given me the possibility of living with your family and experiencing your way of life. I live with my parents and my 2 younger siblings, Elias and Sama. Although they are 6 years younger than me, we do a lot together like playing video games or watching movies. We live in an apartment with a garden. I share my room with my younger sister, and my brother has his own room. My parents both work. My father holds a superior degree in industrial engineering and masters degree in International Cooperation and Development. He is responsible of the E-commerce of the major importer, distributor, and retailer of electrical and electronic appliances. My mother is a pharmacists and owner of two branches of the biggest chain of drugstore in the country. I like cooking, exercising, shopping, and playing the violin. I have been playing the violin for 7 years and I was a member of the Edward Said Jerusalem Conservatory Orchestra and have been to many concerts. I even once traveled to a musical summer camp in Oberwesel, Germany with many other people from all around the world gathered to practice together for a big concert in the biggest church of the region. I attend an American school that teaches English as the first language followed by Arabic and Hebrew. Other subjects in my school include AP chemistry, biology, physics, computer science, algebra, and modern history. Some of the things I like are travelling and going to concerts of famous singers. Since my father has studied and worked in Spain, we frequently travel to Spain and other countries in Europe such as Greece, Romania, and Portugal during summer, but I am most enthusiastic about visiting the States. I am a very cheerful person. Although I can be quiet sometimes, whenever I need to, I always speak my mind but I'm also considered a very understanding person. The way I have been raised made me a very responsible person as well. Some of the things I hate are war, injustice, and people who are not genuine and superficial. I hope you got a good impression of me. See you soon, Mira

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Pharmacist and Drugstore manager


Sama (10) Elias (10)

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