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Dear future hostfamily, my name is Josy and I am living in a little town in Northern Germany. My town is right next to the Netherlands. Now, I would like to do an exchange for an academic year to the United States of America. I live with both of my parents and my eighteen years old sister in a house with a beautiful garden. We have one dog called Nala, she is a 6 months old cockapoo. Then we have two mini-Shetland ponies called G-Star (Gigi) and Rocky, which are three years old and two Lion head dwarf rabbits named Kruemel and Keks. They are already eight years old now. My mother is a Industrial clerk in a company that manufactures plastic sheets. My dad is self-empolyed and has an online shop, where my mom helps out when she comes home from work. My sister is currenly in the third year of her apprenticeship as a farmer and will start training as a veterinary assistant next year. I visit the 10th grade of the Gymnasium (High School) and my favourite subjects are english, art and biology. In my freetime I like to spend some time with my friends, go on a walk, painting or do something with my family. As a hobby I go to the scouts and I am very interested in animals and the nature environment. Also I did voulting for the last twelve years but I left it because it just wasnt the same anymore than the past years. I was horseback riding for many years and I got a ponie together with my sister for three years. At school I am in the paramedic club for three years now and I tutor younger children at school to help them with their learning. At home, I clean the stairs and mop the floor every saturday. Sometimes I also clean the kitchen and clean the living room when I need to. And obviously I need to clean up my own room. I am fascinated by the US because it stands for freedom and democracy, the land of opportunity. I am interrested by the different and beautiful landscapes. Also I think the coasts and national parks are particulary inspiring. I chose the US for my exchange year, because I am enthusiastic about the high schools. My parents have often been there on vacation in different areas and have always told me how beautiful it is and that the Americans are always super nice. I am looking forward to high school, to my host family and making friends. I would like to experience Halloween in the US once in my life, celebrate Thanksgiving and the 4th of July, have American BBQ, watch American football and much more. Do you have any questions? Are you also looking forward to the year with me? Do you have children? I am so excited and thankful that I can live for one year with you. I am very much looking forward to meet you! Kind regarts, Josy

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Kate (18)

Sharing cultures and building communities with high school exchange.

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