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My name is Grace. .My family is a small family, 4 of us, including me, my father, my mother, my brother. And myself. My father graduated from a provincial university majoring in environmental engineering. And now he's self-employed and earns a decent annual income. My mom went to nursing school at the same university as my dad, but now she's not working as a nurse anymore, so she decided to quit her nursing job and help my dad work. My brother is 2 years away from me, we are close. And we can talk about anything. My brother lives at a different school than me. And my brother is very good at English. He's been in the U.S. for 10 months and plans to go abroad soon. My mom and dad like to travel overseas. So, I have the opportunity to travel abroad often. And I like to hang out with my dad in my spare time. In my family, my dad used to camp on weekends, so I used to go camping with him a lot, and our family loved to go to coffee shops to eat together on holidays. My parents love nature, and I like nature because it's calm. No hassle. But on the other hand, I like it in the city, and sometimes when I go out on holidays, I go to bookstores, I go to public libraries all the time. I'm the youngest I love cooking in my free time. I always go in as an assistant chef in my kitchen. Sometimes I play games in my spare time. But not often. I like to go cycling outside. I read comic books and watch anime. I'm always helping my mom with her chores and food. I do all the housework, and the cooking. When I was younger, I was a very hospitable person, so I had many friends in the village. In my spare time, I like to read. Psychology and history books. Sometimes, I love baking. I especially like to make cookies. I'm pretty good at sports. In PE class, I've always been very good at it. I really like playing sports because it makes me feel relaxed. No stress and exercise on the weekend. I like to go to sports with my parents. I really like to play sports at school kind of badminton, volleyball, tennis. Another favorite thing to do in my spare time is singing and watching movies. I like mysteries. And I love ghost movies. My house has a pet, a dog. I've had a dog since I was a kid. There were two at first. But then they gave birth to 5 more babies. So, my house is full of dogs. My dog's almost 10 years old now. Only four remain. Three have left this world. I love pets so much. All sorts. My brother used to adopt a hamster because he got it from an acquaintance. And I really like it. My family used to raise a hamster for a while. But now all of those rats are gone. I have an idea to raise a cat. I'd like to try raising a cat. But my mom and dad disagreed because my dad allergic to cat fur. Now my brother has a strange pet, a beetle. I don't know why. But it's probably my brother's personal preference. My favorite subject in school is English and Science. I can speak Chinese. and a little bit of Japanese. My favorite season is Winter and autumn because the weather is nice, I don’t like summer because it’s hot and makes me feel uncomfortable. I like to listen to music in my free time, such as international music. I like Lana Del Rey Keshi and Laufey. These two are my favorite artists.

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