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Dear Host Family, my name is Maria Eleonora! I would like to start this letter by thanking you for giving me the opportunity to live this wonderful experience with you. This has been my dream since I was a child and thanks to you will become true! I can't wait to get to know you, to know what you like to do and what your habits are. I love the idea of being introduced to a lifestyle that is different from mine and getting to know a new community. I hope to build beautiful memories together and find a second family in you. I live in a small town in northern Italy with my mom and my brothers. My mom's name is Lara, my father’s name is Oscar and I am the middle child of three, the only girl, and my brothers’ names are Matteo and Jacopo. I also have four cats, three females and one male, named Zoe, Tristan, Macchia and Coco but in truth it's like we have four more siblings. My older brother Matteo is studying at the University of Bologna to become a marine biologist and will soon move to Iceland for a short time. Jacopo, on the other hand, is still a child and attends the first year of middle school. I love my brothers very much and even though we have disagreements sometimes, they are the most important things I have. My house is a very lively one, with many people coming and going at different times, because we are often busy with extra activities, sports and hobbies but we always try to find time to be together and we usually take a Sunday lunch and one evening a week to watch a movie all together. Our favorite thing to do together is definitely to travel and visit new places. I am a very outgoing girl, who loves to talk and meet new people. My friends describe me as an extroverted girl, who loves to have fun and would do anything to get a smile from others. I love to tell jokes and laugh to tears. I have many friends, both in the city where I go to school, which is almost an hour by train from my house, and in the town where I live. Sometimes we take a ride downtown, I love shopping with my friends and going to the movies. I try to concentrate my outings on Saturday because during the week I have a lot to study and I dedicate Sundays to staying with my family. I attend a school where you mainly study the humanities in particular psychology, anthropology, pedagogy and sociology. I am doing quite well in school, I am getting along well with teachers and with classmates and I have also found an effective study method that has greatly improved my grades. I like to study and try to understand the mechanisms of people's minds, although lately I have been fascinated with the artistic and fashion field and I will try to follow this passion after high school, by attending university. In addition to it I am very passionate about beauty and makeup and in the future I would like to create a brand of my own and see people wear it. I know that school there is very different from Italy and I'm curious to know how it works and what subjects I'm going to study, but I honestly can’t wait to find out! Another great passion is music, in particular singing. I've been doing it since I was ten and singing lessons remain one of the best moments of the week. Music is the best way to express myself! I mainly listen to R&B music and my favorite singer is Drake but sometimes I also like to listen to songs from the 90s or '00s. I also did ballet for 11 years but then I stopped because the workouts had gotten repetitive and I started a whole new sport: pole fitness. It is a very difficult sport and requires a lot of strength but the satisfaction it can give you is unique. However, even now, every time my old dance school does a show, the teachers call me to cover some role or to accompany younger dancers. What are the most popular sports in America? What do students practice in high school? I can't wait to know something about you and get to know you! I hope to establish a strong relationship and become part of your family, as you will become part of mine. I will do my best to be like a daughter to you. Love, Eleonora

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Jacopo (11) Matteo (22)

Sharing cultures and building communities with high school exchange.

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