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's Letter

Dear host family, I hope you’re as excited as I am to be participating in this program. I’m a Dutch boy and have just finished 11th grade in the Netherlands. I’m someone who loves to try new things. When I see or hear something that I haven’t done before, I want to do it as soon as possible. When you hear me talking to other people, I’m (usually) very polite. That’s because I work in a supermarket, where I’m a checkout clerk as well as a stock clerk. I like to sport, such as swimming or atletics. In my home-country, I read a lot. Maybe it’s sounds weard, but I like public transport vehicles, such as bus, train, tram, etc. That’s also why I’m excited to travel with a school bus in America, because we don’t have that in the Netherlands. We go by bike to school, even when it is raining or snowing (although we don’t see snow very often). The reason that I want to go to a high school in America, is because I want to learn things about America, such as the history. History lessons are my favorite lessons on my high school. That’s just because I’m interested in how it was before we lived. I’m also interested in learning something about the American culture(s). I hope that you’re also interested in learning something about my culture. My dad went when he was around my age, also to America. He was in the Rocky Mountains. Now, I hear you thinking: why don’t you know something about the American culture? That’s just because it was a long time ago for my dad, so he doesn’t remember everything. I find that I have a happy life in the Netherlands. I’ve a good relationship with my parents, and I follow their rules strictly. I don’t have many friends, but the friends that I have, are good friends. I really like going to school (I am the only one in my class that likes going to school!). That’s just because I like to learn, because that’s good for my future. In the future, I like to go studying (of course). I haven’t decided which study I want to do, but it’s logistics or Accountancy/Finance & Control. After my dad told me about his exchange, and after I saw some picturs about how it was, I had decided that I want to go to America. I’m really excited to become a part of your family. I hope to see you soon. Warm regards, Sam

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Dutch (native), English (10+ years), German (4 years)



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