Korean (South)

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Music - Listening to or creating
Reading or Listening to Audiobooks
Singing - Choir or Karaoke
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's Letter

Dear my host family, Hello. I'm Doyun. Thank you for hosting me for a year. I've been longing to go to America and experience their culture, so this chance is much more precious for me. I'm so grateful to my host family for giving me this amazing experience. I'm looking forward to many things including going to American high school. One of them is meeting my host family. I'm so excited to meet new family in foreign country. Let me introduce myself now. I have lots of things that I'm enjoying as a hobby right now. And I got many things to try. I like relaxing things, and I also like energetic things too. Among them, I've been doing writing novel for many years. I started writing my novel in computer when I was 8. I also like drawing so much, so I'm currently working on my own fairy tale book. It's including my story and my own drawings. As much as I like writing stories and drawing pictures, I really like to read vooks. I like books with beautiful covers because they make me want to treat them well. I like to find something that can make me want to treat well. I also like doing some energetic things. Recently I'm interested in exercising and daning. I learned ice skating and roller skating when I was younger, and I had so much fun. I'm little shy when I first met new people, but if I get close with them I became more active. So I enjoy exercising with my friends. I'm the only child, so I'm not used to with sister or brother, but I think it'll be great to hang out with friends at my age. I have hobbies that I can do at home, but I also have hobbies that I can do with my friends. I really like to sing and listen to music, so I often went to karaoke or concert with my friends and family. Also, I go to eat something delicious with my family on weekends. While I'm joining this program, I want to develop my existing hobbies more. But as much as I want that, I also want to try new things a lot. I have many things that I wanna try, but I haven't tried them all yet. I like to learn more musical instruments, art, or some sports. I didn't really have much time and chance to try them before, so I want to try many new things as much as I can. And I would love if I''m going to do them with my host family. I'm so excited to see you guys. I like to have lots of conversation and I'd like to share my hobbies with you guys. I'm usually spend my weekend with my faimly, going to our favorite pasta restaurant. And I want to spend lots of time with my host family too. I like to learn American culture by doing many things with you guys. Thank you, Doyun

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Korean (native), English (8 years)



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Sharing cultures and building communities with high school exchange.

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