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Dear Host Family, I am very grateful for this great opportunity! Thank you so much for giving me the chance to come to the States and become a member of your family. I am very excited at the idea to spend one year in the States and enjoy the authentic American life-style. I am an Italian girl and I attend secondary school. In Italy my type of school is called “Liceo Classico”, I study classical subjects such as Greek, Latin, Philosophy. Italian. However I also study modern subiects such as English, Math, Science. I am curious and willing to know. I love travelling, meeting new people, trying new things. I love American culture. I have been once in the States with my family. I visited New York, Philadelphia, Washington, Chicago, Detroit, the Niagara Falls. It was great. I loved it so much! I have an older brother who is now at University. He studies medicine. He also spent one year in the States when he was attending the 11th grade. He was enthusiastic about his experience. He had a lovely host family. He deeply liked his Americam parents and his American brother. I also met them. They were very, very nice. That's one of the reasons why I would like to have my own experience and my own American family,. All the people I know say that I am a sunny girl. I am always happy to do new things, to learn, to meet new people and friends. They say I have a positive attitude towards people. I have lots of friends and I love hanging out with them and having fun together. I also love doing family activities. I love my family and I like spending time with them. I really like sports. I do classical and modern dance, I play tennis, I like swimming and skiing. I enjoy any kind of sport. I would also like to try new activities such as cheerleading, joining clubs, facing new experiences. When I was younger I played the piano and I also played it in the school Orchestra. Now I am very busy with school so I have less spare time . I like to sing and music in general. In the summer I love lying on the beach and swimming enjoying the warm weather. However I also like the mountains and I am a good skier. My mum is a school principal and my dad is a teacher. Both of them love spending time with me and my brother. We all like travelling. We are a very close family and I hope to become a part of your family as well. I am sure I will have a great time with you and I will be very happy to live with you. I am really excited to become a part of your family! Warm Regards, Ginevra

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Italian (native), English (6 years), French (3 years)



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School Principal


Matteo Guido (19)

Sharing cultures and building communities with high school exchange.

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