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Dear Host Family I'm Elisa and I'm a very sunny and outgoing Italian girl. I have been dreaming of being an exchange student for a long time and I think this experience is very suitable for me, because I like meeting new people, new cultures and getting out of my bubble. I really like challenges and that is why I want to try this experience. I am a really happy person and I like laughing and joking. Through this experience I think I will bring you the desire to share my culture, my interest in new things and my smile. I have many friends within my school with whom I spend most of my time and with whom I have a lot of fun. Sometimes we go out together after school or we see each other in the afternoon to spend time together and have fun. I also have many friends outside of school who I see a little more rarely but with whom I do a lot of nice things like going for a walk in the park or taking a walk in the city center. My family is very important for me, in fact I spend a lot of time with them. I have an older brother and an older sister with whom I get along very well and with whom I spend a lot of time. We often go shopping together or visit our grandparents. I travel a lot with my family, for example I have already been to the United States, and in the summer I really like going to the seaside and enjoy the warm season. I attend a scientific high school and I dedicate a lot of time studying as it is quite a challenging school but I still manage my life well between studying and free time. My favorite subjects are Mathematics, English and technical drawing. I chose this school because I'm sure it will give me a lot of opportunities for my future and will help me with the university I want to attend. I'm undecided between architecture and engineering. In addition to Italian and English, I have been studying German in school since I was little. I have been dancing since I was 5 years old and I really like it, because it makes me happy to be there with my friends and take part in shows. When I dance I try to express myself with my body and when I feel a bit down dancing makes me feel good. Then, because I live in a mountain area, I like to go skiing with my friends or with my family. An important thing in my life is an organization that educates and inspires action for a more peaceful world. Thanks to it, I was in contact with different cultures, in fact I was hosted by families in Korea and France and at the same time I hosted a French girl, which is why I know what it means to live in a culture different from your own. My whole family is part of this association for this reason, over the years we have been hosting children from different cultures, so we know and appreciate the commitment that a host family puts into hosting and I thank you for this. I chose to have this experience in the United States because I like the English language, which I would like to improve and I am fascinated by the idea of ​​living in an American family and attending an American school. I think this experience can help me grow and increase my independence as well as mature. I really appreciate your decision to host me and I really thank you. Elisa

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Italian (native), English (9 years), German (10+ years)



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Sharing cultures and building communities with high school exchange.

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