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's Letter

Dear host family, Thank you so much for taking part in the exchange program and accepting me for living with you for one year. I am a German boy and I am about to finish my tenth grade of school. I really would love to gain my own experience in an exchange year and get to know your country, your family, your culture and habits. I have visited the US last summer, when my parents and I picked up my brother from his exchange year in Minneapolis. That was an awesome time that I will always remember. I really enjoy lots of sports and outdoor adventures. I am an athletic guy, but besides of the sport I am also a friendly, open minded and positive thinking person. In my leisure time I play volleyball two times a week and table tennis three times a week. I joined the volleyball club recently and played table tennis for about two years. Before that, I was an active swimmer for nearly ten years and was very successful in freestyle. Furthermore, I like to bake and cook and like to try out new dishes. My favorite foods are burgers, BBQ´s, pasta, pizza and chocolate bakery. German is my native language and I also speak English (after 8 years in school) and a bit of French (after 4 years in school). I live together with my parents and my brother who is two and a half years older than me. My brother and me, we are going to the same school. In sommer I take the bicycle to school and in the winter I am taking the bus. My school ist about 8 miles away, so it takes half an hour with bicycle, but when I am on my way it doesn´t feel that long, because often I can ride with my friend. I like going with my father to a cable park on some weekends. There, my father does wakeskating and I do wakeboarding. On most of our vacations we do some activities, like canoeing, fishing, tenting, skiing or wind surfing. We often do some outdoor trips, what I really like. When we are planing a trip I help my parents with the research of the destination and activities we could do. I hope to try out new sports at the high school and get to know new friends. At school I also would like to choose subjects that we don´t have in Germany, for instance culinary arts sounds interesting like I heard from my brother. I would also like to show you how we celebrate some holidays in Germany. I think we have also some interesting German dishes, like „Spatzle“ ,a kind of pasta, or „Rouladen“ a rolled meat dish which I would like to prepare for you. Assured by the wonderful time that my brother had, I want to collect my own experience within your family. I believe that I will have unforgettable memories with you and my new friends in the US. I am exited to become a part of your family. With warm regards, Miko

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German (native), English (8 years), French (4 years)



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