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Dear host family, My name is Charlotte. I live in Belgium. I have an older sister aged 20. She's studying law in Belgium. My mom is 47 and a nurse. My dad is nearly 50. He's a professional firefighter and nurse. My parents are still married and we all live together. We all love sport. We always communicate with each other. We love building and nature. We often watch TV programs. I've been playing volleyball for two years. Of all the sports I've done, volleyball is the one that suits me best. It's a time when I can get away from it all on the court with my friends. It's taught me to be a good team player. I can adapt to anyone's character. I train 6 hours a week. 2 hours on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. At weekends I'm often at matches. I also love music, like French songs from the '80s and today. I listen to it when I'm working and when I'm in my room to decompress a bit. I do a student job during the vacations. My student job is in catering. It's really nice. I do it to have a bit of money on the side and to see what it's like to work. It also gets me out of the house, away from volleyball and my friends. I love contact with people. I love talking. Sport is very important to me because I want to stay in good condition. About my life at school, I'm in the economics and languages option. I have 2 hours of history, geography, religion, Italian and sport. I have 3 hours of science and 4 hours of math, French, English, Dutch and economics per week. I start at 8.20am, so I get up around 7 am and meet my friends around 8 am. At lunchtime I can go out on the town and I finish at 4.10pm. Classes are every 50 minutes and I have five minutes of break. When I say I have two hours, it is 2x50 minutes. When I get home, I try to work as quickly as possible so that I can spend the evening with my parents. I work about 1h30 a day for school. Sometimes I take the bus to school, but mostly I drive. Thanks to the movements I've made over the last ten years, I've become responsible, sociable and empathetic. I'm also a very good team player. I'm taking part in the school program because I'd like to study global studies in the Netherlands. To do this, I need to have a very good level of English, as I have to take some tests. I'm taking part in this program to discover a new culture, to learn about your lifestyles, your sports, your country... Seeing the United States has been my biggest dream ever since I took English at school, as it's a language I particularly enjoy. I also think it's an experience that every student should have the opportunity to live, because it allows you to manage without your parents and become even more responsible. I think I could bring a different personality and culture to you and the school. I would like to thank you for welcoming me into your country, into your home. I'm very grateful to be taking part in this program and I can't wait to find out more about you. Sincerely, Charlotte.

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