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Dear host family, I’m Elena, and first of all I want to say that I am really glad for the possibility that I have been given of becoming an exchange student in the USA. Here in Italy, I live in a pretty small town, with always the same people around, and a quiet life in general. I am ready to take this chance, and start a brand-new life in your country. I am very willing to discover a new way of living, and I will certainly try my best to adapt, because I want to enjoy every moment I am given. I won’t lie, I was mainly curious to visit the USA, when I was younger, because of all the movies and TV series that I had watched. But obviously that is not the only reason now. In general, in my life I have never travelled a lot, but I would like to do so in the future, and I think that the USA, which is so far and different from everything I’ve always been familiar with, is a great starting point. Here in Italy, my life is pretty full and busy. I have to deal every week with school, dance classes, after-school activities such as drama course, and the several activities I take part in with my group from the church. I am a creative person, and in my free time I usually like drawing, reading and writing. To the last one, I would really like to dedicate more time, as lately I have finally started working on something concrete, and I really hope I will manage to complete it some day. At the moment, my main activity during the week, beside school, are dance classes. The thing I like the most about dance is that it really teaches me patience and hard work. It also gives me some great satisfactions, when I look back and see all the progresses I did over the time. I attend a classical highschool, which most people consider a very hard school, as we have to study subjects such as Latin or ancient Greek. But I have always liked school and after all I still do, so it is not a big deal to put the necessary effort in it. I am very curious about the different subjects I will study in the USA, and I hope that trying something new will broaden my horizons. I don’t really have a favorite subject. I really like History, Philosophy, but I’m also good at Math and Science. I love everything that is connected to ancient cultures, histories and myths. I really have very different interests, and I honestly have no clue of what I could do after I finish high school. If I could, I would like to try everything in life. Since when I was a baby, I used to say that my week should last at least ten days, so that I could manage to do everything I wanted. Unfortunately, it can’t be, and so I will have to make a choice. Studying comes easy to me, so sometimes I try and help my friends when they need it, and it makes me really happy when I have the possibility to help someone. This is also the reason why, in the last two years, I spent a great part of my summer holidays working at the summer camp organized by the church in my city. I really like spending time with children, and seeing them so joyful makes me happy too. I live with my parents, my younger sister, and my grandparents (my father’s parents). My other grandparents live quite close to us, so they often come, or we go, to visit, so we see each other a lot. When I was younger, sometimes we used to go hiking o skiing, while now we only have time to spend all together during summer or Christmas holidays becuase our timetables don't always match. I love these moments, for sure, and I would like them to be more frequent. Just a movie night from time would be enough, but it is not always possible. In addition to the closest relatives, I actually have very big family, especially on my mother’s side. We meet with them all not more than twice a year, but, when we do, we fill my grandparents’ garden with tables and we have great lunches. With all the members of my family I have a good relationship, though I prefer listening to talking only about myself. The people who know me best are definitely my friends. I speak to them more easily than to anyone else, also because they share my interests.We actually don’t see each other a lot outside school, but we have a very beautiful relationship. I’ve wanted to become an exchange student since when I was in middle school, and I am very excited for the fact this will very soon become a reality. Because of this, I will try hard to live this experience at my best. I am good at organizing my daily routine, and at adapting to changes, which I know will be necessary. I am also independent and responsible, and I think this is a great occasion to prove it, also to myself. During this experience, I am determined to improve myself. I would like to become more extroverted, and to create deep relationships with the people I will meet, and that I am sure will leave a mark in my life. Thanks for hosting me! Elen

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