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Dear Host Family, I'm Daniele and I'm an Italian boy and I live in a family of four people, there is me, my parents and my sister but she lives on her own because she's 28. In my family there's also a dog and she's named Sally. Talking about me I can say that I'm sociable, friendly and easy-going with everyone, in fact in my city I have a lot of friends. I'm also an athletic boy, in fact I always do sport when I can. My favourite sport is soccer and I have been practising it since I'm 8, then I usually go cycling or I go running during my free time. During my ten months in the USA I would like to share all my passions with my future host family and I think that I can offer them a glimpse of my culture, especially talking about food. If I have to talk about my life at school I can say that I'm in a scientific high school and this means that I study a lot everyday because teachers give me a lot of homework. My favourite subjects are English, Math and History. I prefer them because in my opinion they are more interesting than the others. After high school I'd like to be an engineer, but if I don't reach that goal I think that I'll study economy or something like that. In my free time I hang out with my friends and we often go to the city centre, then when I am not with my friends I enjoy listening to music, playing with my dog and walking by the sea instead, because my home town is on the sea. I decided to go to the USA because I want to discover a totally different culture from mine and I also want to change my routine because I think it's boring doing the same things everyday for a long time. I have always loved the USA, I have seen a lot of films shot there and in my country the USA are known like the place where dreams come true. I have also thought that being with a host family could be the perfect way to experience the American lifestyle because I can live like a real American in the USA for ten months!! In conclusion, I want to talk about my goals, I have only a few but they are very important. I would like to improve my English, but I also would like to become more independent and discover new places that I've never seen. I hope that you are looking forward to meeting me as much as I am. Thank you for hosting me. See you soon Daniele

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Italian (native), English (8 years)



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Mara (28)

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