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Hello maybe future host family! My name is Manon but I would like to be called by my second name which is Lilly because it's easier to pronounce it in english. I was born in the Paris region and I have never left. I have two little brothers so I'm used to live with children. My parents are divorced and at my mom's house I have a cat. I have no religion or allergies. In my family we enjoy a lot playing at board games. I have some good relationships with my parents. Our relation is based on the trust. I have some freedom. I love so much my two little brothers, we played a lot together. I enjoy to spend time with my family but I like too to be alone. I have a lot of friends, girls and boys. I spend a lot of my time with them. We are together as soon as we can. Sometimes we're eating out, we're going to pârties organized by us or our city ( fireworks, music festival etc )or we're going shopping. On week I wake up early but not as much as in USA. I'm not someone who wake up every day, I love to sleep. Since two years I'm playing handball, two times per week. I love skiing, doing horse riding, to watch series, to make cakes and to help people around me, I don't like to tidy my room, to do the dishes and I'm afraid of spiders and others insects. I'm quite open minded and I want to discover an other way to live, an other country and its population, an other culture and an other school system. Also, it was my idea since the beginning to do an exchange year in the US so I'm very impatient for this adventure. Nobody can be perfect so I have my little flaws, I'n not late but I'm not either in advance and I'm messy but not more than a teenager of my age. I know it's not a good thing to have too much expectations and wishes even if I think every futur exchange student have some because it's probably a little bit why he's leaving. So as a good futur exchange student , I have some expectations and wishes. I would like very much to be a chearleader in a big highscool, I mean like in the movies. As well, I would like just to see the yellow school bus because for us in France, it's really amazing! And finally, I don't know if it's in all highschools but I would like to see American football, to have others disciplines at school than in France ( cook...) and to live as an American. However, I have also fears like not being able to understand what you say and not making friends. I think I could bring you the french culture ( food and the tongue if you want ). Thank you very much for reading me and hoping to see you soon! Manon --> Lilly

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