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's Letter

Dear Host Family, First, I want to express my most sincere thanks to you for giving me the chance to realize my biggest dream. I am super excited about next year, we will get to know each other perfectly and create a special bond that I hope will last for a very long time. Three years ago, I started watching videos about the exchange year and I suddenly realized that I was meant to do it. I always loved to travel and I hope I will also be able to do it a lot in my future by myself and with my friends. My family and I have traveled a lot around Europe during summer because we have a campervan so we often move from one place to the other during the holidays. I love to learn about new cultures and see how their lives are different from mine, so I hope this experience will be the first of many others. I am Anita and I come from a little town in the north of Italy. I am an open-minded, polite and nice person. I think my friends would describe me like that. I am always there for everyone, if someone needs to talk about their problems I listen to them and give advice. At first I could appear as a slightly introverted person, but when you get to know me I open up easily and become very friendly. I love listening to music as it makes me relax and I also love singing. I can’t wait to sing something for you or perhaps with you! I really like watching tv series and movies, especially Christmas ones because it’s my favorite time of the year. I have been a volunteer for the Italian Red Cross for two years. I like it because it gives me the opportunity to feel helpful. I played many sports when I was younger, such as volleyball, swimming, gymnastics, but currently I am not playing anything because I am a bit lazy and I don't have a lot of free time because of the many hours I need to spend studying or doing my homework. Anyway, I am very excited about having the possibility to play sports again in my American high school when I am there. I like going to school because I have a special bond with my classmates, they are like my second family. School is quite demanding, we have to study a lot and it can be quite intense. I love languages and English is my favorite subject. I love its sound and it has always been quite easy for me to understand it. In fact, since I was 13 I have been watching tv only in English with English subtitles and this helped a lot with my understanding of this language. My friends are mostly from school. I have a group of four very close friends who I’ve known since we were little and we are inseparable. We meet every Saturday evening and we chat and have fun together. Two of them are also going to the US for their exchange year. My family consists of four people: my parents, Sara and Daniele, me and my younger brother Matteo. We have a good relationship with each other, especially my mom and me. I like to tell her everything that happens during my day and we love to go shopping together. I love shopping, not buying but just walking around shops and looking at everything. I also have a cat, Luna, that means moon because when she was little she had a mark on her forehead and it was a moon. Me and my family love to travel, the three of them like mountains more but I am a very big fan of the sea, I have always loved the feeling of water on my skin and sand on my toes. Another thing I absolutely love is sunsets, I could stare at them for a whole hour and never get tired of it. It is a feeling I cannot describe with words but it’s wonderful. I am super excited and I can’t wait to arrive there, finally meet you in person and spend a whole year with you. I hope that through this experience I will grow as a person and become more independent. I hope to make you and my parents happy and proud of me. I hope to become part of your family and find a new home away from here. Thank you again for opening your hearts and your home to me. Love, Anita

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Italian (native), English (10+ years), Spanish (6 years)



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Matteo (14)

Sharing cultures and building communities with high school exchange.

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